Celebrate Women Leading the Way

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As the nation this year celebrates the centennial anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, the Constitutional Amendment granting United States women the right to vote, Brooksville Main Street and The Hernando Sun are marking the milestone with the Women Leading the Way Women's Suffrage Event/Exhibition March 20-21. And in addition to honoring the brave suffragists who put their lives on the line to secure a basic human right, this event will honor the visionary women of Hernando County.

Mermaid Trail and mini-murals, among Brooksville Main Street initiatives

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Natalie Kahler, Executive Director of the Brooksville Main Street Program, reviewed recent activities as well as those in progress and upcoming.  The Main Street designation was granted by the state in 2016.  The purpose of the Main Street program is to revitalize historic downtown areas.  The program is run by the Brooksville Vision Foundation.   

City applies for grant to update playground equipment at Tom Varn Park


The city of Brooksville is looking to update the playground at Tom Varn Park.  The current wooden structures were constructed in 1990 for around $50,000 and have no doubt entertained countless children in its nearly 30 years of use.  Approximately 1,700 community volunteers helped to construct the 10,000 square foot playground over the course of approximately 5 days. The project was sponsored through the generous support of the Jr. Service League.