Winemaking the modern way


Gone are the days where grape stomping was used in traditional winemaking to release the juices and begin the fermentation process. 

Nowadays, winemaking doesn’t have to be as theatrical or energetic and with absolutely no bare feet involved whatsoever. All one needs are the right ingredients like those sold by Lori Stover and Pat Bassett at Once Upon a Vine in Spring Hill. 

'It's the future of surgery'

For the past two decades, November has been celebrated as the month to raise awareness of men’s health issues, particularly prostate and testicular cancers. Here in the US, as well as several other countries including Australia, New Zealand and the UK, men are encouraged to grow mustaches during November as a way to start conversations about the seriousness of what is the most common cancer in men.

According to the National Cancer Institute, the estimated number of new cases of prostate cancer in 2018 will reach 164,690 and estimated deaths will reach almost 30,000.

Easement changes in preparation for underground power lines


Hernando Sun Writer

At the Nov. 19 Brooksville Council Meeting, Ginger Broslat, Duke Senior Public Engagement Specialist for the Targeted Undergrounding Program, explained that Duke Energy will be investing more than $25 billion over the next ten years to move power lines from overhead to underground. Following a ten-year study, Duke Energy has identified areas where they will begin the energy grid improvements. The purpose for the presentation was to request new easements to be signed so the work can be scheduled and begun.  

Metals that just keep on giving

For many years, countries in Europe have been imposing fines on people who refuse to recycle. Sweden, in particular, is so good at recycling that it now imports rubbish from other countries to keep its recycling plants going. Scotland has installed machines that give money back for returning empty bottles and cans, safe in the knowledge that all items collected will be sent for recycling. And England is soon to follow.  

Some countries, however, have no penalties or incentives at all for recycling. 

Oak Hill Hospital Welcomes Dragomir Mijic, DO

Spring Hill, Florida (September 25, 2018) – Oak Hill Hospital welcomes Dragomir Mijic, DO, to its medical staff. Dr. Mijic specializes in shoulders, elbows and general orthopaedics with his practice located at 8281 S. Suncoast Boulevard, Homosassa, Florida 34446, call 352-597-2664 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Mijic also practices at 10221 Yale Avenue, Brooksville, Florida 34613, call 352-596-0900 to schedule an appointment.


Pizza Villa 30th Anniversary

Pizza Villa, the well-known restaurant with two locations celebrated its 30th year in business in Hernando County. Chamber of Commerce members Danny and Angela Leporino with their family posed for photos during a ribbon-cutting ceremony while a steady stream of customers quickly filled the restaurant during the early dinner hour.  

Danny said, “Hernando County’s been very good to us, and we appreciate our customers.”  As he gestured to regard his customers who were occupying most of the seats at the tables, he said with a grateful smile, “Thirty years, what more can I say!?”