Hernando Symphony Orchestra has a new venue

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For more than four decades, The Hernando Symphony Orchestra has filled the halls and gatherings of Hernando with the sounds of popular music, performed by virtuoso musicians who play everything from pop hits to holiday music, movie themes to jazzy favorites and Broadway tunes.

The music was silenced this spring, when--in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic--the orchestra's April concert was, like many public events and programs, canceled. 

Serving Those Who Have Served Us

Veterans and first responders sacrifice so much in order for Americans to be safe and healthy. Sadly some of these Heroes become casualties or suffer injuries. 

The Veterans H.E.A.T. factory (VHF) is a not for profit 501c3 corporation funded solely by private donations and contributions.

VHF specializes in the Healing of the "INVISIBLE WOUND" – Post Traumatic Stress. This sometimes leads to substance abuse, joblessness, homelessness, domestic abuse, and, in too many cases, suicide.   

Hometown Military Heroine Shelane Etchison

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The Fourth of July holiday is the perfect time to honor local heroes--and heroines. Spring Hill native Shelane Etchison is one of six Floridians recognized by the Pat Tillman Foundation (PTF) as a 2020 Tillman Scholar. Founded in 2008, the Tillman Scholars program supports our nation’s active duty service members, veterans and military spouses through investment in their education and professional development. 

2020 Middle and Elementary School Independence Day Essay Contest Winners

Elementary School Winner
Sophia Rodgers
Grade 4, J.D. Floyd Elementary School

I am thankful to live in America. It has been through many tough times. Our nation has seen many wars from its start with the Revolutionary War to even our current fight against the corona virus. There is justice and so much to learn. Sure, we have been through tough times like now, but what I like is that we stand up together as a nation to overcome our obstacles.

Meeting the People that Manage the Withlacoochee State Forest: The Voice on the Radio

As a continuation of the series of articles on Meeting the People that Manage the Withlacoochee State Forest, I would like to introduce you to Sarah Stewart who is currently a Duty Officer with the Florida Forest Service. 

“I am a fire dispatcher. We handle all the burn authorizations for the five-county area. We also respond crews out to wildfires in that area, and any properties state, federal or private,” Stewart explained.

Veterans Pantry Project Forges Ahead

The American Legion, chartered by Congress in 1919, is a patriotic veteran organization "focusing on service to veterans, servicemembers and communities.' ( And now in Hernando County, the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 186, Florida, is waging its own noble battle; one that finds the auxiliary determined to continue its longstanding and continual record of service to the community in the face of tough circumstances.

Show Us Your SunShine: Empowering Teens & Prize-Winning Artist

Be EMPOWERED Teens & Youths is a project of The Auroveda Foundation--a non-profit organization that attempts to create a global community of healthy and educated individuals--offered locally at WellCome OM Center in Spring Hill. On a regular basis, Be EMPOWERED brings sunshine and healing to the lives of teens through online and in-person discussion groups for teens coping with the many worries, concerns, and situations facing today's kids. 

Still Tending her Garden at Eighty-Nine Years of Age

At age eighty-nine, Benedita Vaz (“Dita” to her friends), looks at least ten years younger and has the energy of someone half her age. She wakes up every morning at about 5:00 and is in her garden by 7:30 tending the many varied plants that she grows there. The avid gardener takes cuttings, roots them and then transplants the cuttings. Benedita avows that the secret to her “green thumb” is talking to the plants.