Tea Parties with a Twist at Magnolia Terrace Tea Room

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

Elsa teaches Etiquette Class at Magnolia Terrace Tea Room

In 2008 the Dennehy family was involved in a head on collision by a drunk driver going over 100 mph. Several family members were injured but daughter Morgan fared the worst. With Morgan going through rehab as well as surgeries, having a sustainable income was a challenge. “I always wanted to have a coffee shop or tea room,” Morgan’s mother Karen Dennehy said. Karen talked it over with her mother, Maggie Hyde, and they decided together to make this happen. “It enabled me to have my daughter with me, as we were going through everything,” Karen explained.

Local Children Need You to be their Superhero in the Fight against Cancer

Photography by Shannon Gayton

Team Rea (Rea Paterson and Family) with Queen Elsa

BROOKSVILLE- September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Many events are being held in our area to educate our communities on how a diagnosis can affect a child and their family, to provide knowledge to those seeking information, as well as to show support to those currently fighting childhood cancer.

Spring Lake Community Center

Article by Jim Anderson and Pat Hernandez, Photography provided by Mr. Anderson

Spring Lake Community Center, Hernando County Florida

Some say that the sound of children’s voices, the ring of laughter and the loud clatter of dishes are stored away in the rafters and floors of this quaint old building. If you sit still, close your eyes and listen carefully you can actually hear the echo of these sounds from long ago.

Although the children’s voices have been quiet now for many years, once a month on a Tuesday night you can still hear the sounds of laughter and the clatter of dishes as friends and neighbors gather together to share a meal and fellowship as they have over the last 72+ years.

Learning and Creativity Abound at Library's Makerspace

Working on a cell phone

A makerspace is a do it yourself (DIY) place for people to create, learn and invent independently or collaboratively. The popularity of makerspaces have been on the rise for several years. It seems like a number of makerspaces have been popping up all over America following the establishment of the Fayetteville (New York) Free Library Makerspace in 2011. However, the general idea is centuries old. Today makerspace workshops are equipped with a wide variety of tools and resources for DIY projects.

Three Little Words: A Good Book and Essay Contest

Three Little Words is eye-opening, breathtaking and painful. A young woman tells her story of growing up in the foster care system here in West/Central Florida, eventually ending up at Tampa Children’s Home before she is finally adopted after spending nearly 10 years in foster care. The memoir account of Ashley Rhodes-Courter has been widely acclaimed since it was published in 2008. She tells her unique story, but thousands of others must have their own variations, some happier, some more tragic than others.

Chick-Fil-A: Family Friendly Events and a Partner for Community Organizations

Photography by Melissa Fordyce

With the end of summer wrapping up, Chick Fil-A recently held a Back to School Bash, where a portion of the parking lot transitioned into an area closed off from vehicle traffic. This allowed the perfect environment for kids to partake in a few games such as hula hoop, corn hole toss, and mini basketball. These types of events which usually have a fundraising/charity drive component to them are the norm for Chick-Fil-A.

Home Donation to Wounded Warrior and Family in Spring Hill

Photography provided by Bank of America

A patriotic event took place on the lawn of a Spring Hill home where a wounded combat veteran received the keys to a mortgage free home. A quiet neighborhood street was lined with men holding American flags held high as retired U.S. Army Sergeant and Purple Heart recipient, Robert West and family were escorted via personal driver under the presentation of flags and into the driveway of a house that would be presented to them as their new home.

Wildlife Survival Sanctuary: a home for unwanted or injured animals

Photography by Melissa Fordyce

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Wildlife Survival Sanctuary. Located just south of County Line Road, East of U.S.41 is this delightful sanctuary for wildlife that have been injured or considered a nuisance. The location is completely run by volunteers and funded by donations. The home they provide to the many cat and other species is impressive. Tours are given by appointment only, usually at the morning and evening feeding, which ensures the animals will be seen lasting between 1 and a half to two hours.

Rainy Day Brings Smiles at Operation Backpack

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

Brooksville - More rain was in the forecast for Hernando County; however that did not turn away any Brooksville parents to make their way to Jerome Brown Community Center for Operation Backpack. Mike Walker is the City of Brooksville Parks and Recreation Director as well as the Chairman for the Friends of Children. He worked hard along with other volunteers to ensure the success of this event. “There is always a need,” Walker said.