Conversations with the candidates: Dave Koller and Daniel Webster

Daniel Webster

We sat down to talk with Daniel Webster recently at a local coffee shop. Daniel Webster currently represents Florida's 10th district in the United States House of Representatives. The district lines keep getting redrawn due to lawsuits related to the voter passed constitutional amendment that required districts to follow natural boundaries. This has led to lawsuits and constantly changing districts. Due to the district changing, Mr. Webster who owns a house in the 11th District, decided to run in this district. It contains a small portion of his existing district.

Mr. Webster graduated from Georgia Tech as a Electrical Engineer. He worked in his family's air conditioning business, helping it to grow.

He ran for his first political office because he was upset that his church was unable to use a lot they had purchased next door for parking. He was elected to serve in the Florida House. He served there for several years, before running for the United States House of Representatives.

Webster talked about how his educational background is very different than the work he does in the House of Representatives. When he took exams, Webster explained, there was only one right answer. As a lawmaker, the right answer is not always so clear cut, he expressed.

When asked what was his biggest accomplishment, he replied "Running for Speaker of the House." He explained that he feels that all members of the house should be able to offer amendments and participate in a more equal manner. His opposition contributed to John Boehner stepping down and Kevin McCarthy dropping out of the race. He conceded when Paul Ryan entered the race and incorporated a number of reforms he was pushing through.

Webster also feels that principles should play a bigger role in the legislative process, rather than the accumulation of power and control.

Dave Koller

Dave Koller is running for the U.S. House seat in Florida's 11th District as a Democrat. He is running for the seat previously held by Rich Nugent (R).

David Koller running for U.S. House seat in Florida's 11th District I asked him what event caused him to run for office. He cited the 2013 government shutdown as the reason he became interested in politics. He was appalled that a fight over health care insurance would shut down the government. He felt that the government shutdown was caused by the Republicans. He was interested in supporting the Democrat running for congress in his area. He was informed that no one was running against Richard Nugent, the Republican candidate for congress in 2014, so he threw his hat into the ring.

Dave feels that his experience running his business Developmental Service Trainers "which provides non-resident support services to developmentally disabled adults of Marion County" will prove invaluable if elected to Congress. He has to navigate bureaucracies to help his clients and believes that this ability will serve him well in congress along with his ability to connect with people. He plans to rely on these skills to help him make a difference in congress if elected.

If he is elected his main priority will be to get congress working again. He feels that it has not been working for the people and his negotiation and interpersonal skills will enable him to help congress get back to working for the people.