Letter from Hernando County School District Superintendent

Dr. Lori Romano

Dear Hernando County Community,

Today we are a community united by worry and heartbreak. We have all been rocked by the events yesterday in South Florida. I wanted to reach out to all of you who wonder what is in place at Hernando County Schools to prevent or react to emergency situations on our school campuses. The first resource we have is a strong relationship with local law enforcement. It is because of this invaluable partnership, Sheriff Nienhuis immediately responded by providing each of our schools additional deputy patrols today and through the foreseeable future. This morning, I met with all of our school principals and our Director of Safety and Security to discuss current emergency procedures and to collect additional recommendations in order to strengthen our ability to prevent or respond to emergencies. Each of our school administrators are knowledgeable in emergency procedures and use their school emergency plan to train their staff. While we have solid emergency procedures in place, I assure you we will continue to study our current procedures and to find additional ways to protect our schools and our children.

Another resource we have is you. Friends and family are often the first ones to suspect a young person is hurting and may need help. Please share your concerns with a school staff member so we may provide the right resources.

Also this morning, Sheriff Nienhuis and I collaborated on a video message to help answer some concerns you may have. Please visit our district website or Facebook page to view the video.

Finally, let us resolve to support each other through this tragedy. I can think of no gate stronger, no army more powerful than a community resolved to work together to protect our children.

Lori M. Romano, Ph.D.
Hernando County School District Superintendent

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