DUI driver thought Bank of America was Taco Bell

Hernando Sun Staff

A Hernando County Sheriff Deputy was called out to the Bank of America at Mariner and Cortez in the afternoon Wednesday, Jan. 17. The bank manager Martin was concerned that a driver was under the influence.

Martin reported that a white male driving a blue Hyundai sedan appeared unconscious in the Bank of America drive thru lane. Martin approached the car and repeatedly beat on the window for "some time" before he was able to wake the driver. When the driver awoke he ordered a burrito from Martin. Martin told him this was not a Taco Bell and the driver drove away.

The police were called and when the Deputy arrived he found a Hyundai with a Georgia tag in the front parking lot of the Bank of America. Douglas J. Francisco was in the driver's seat with the vehicle running. Martin was able to identify Douglas as the driver he was concerned about.

Douglas was interviewed by the deputy who noted "he made several statements that were differing from reality such as having his air conditioning running in the car when the heat was on while the temperature outside was in the mid-40s. The defendant also advised he was never in the drive thru of the bank and never made contact with Martin; however, the defendant was unable to provide an explanation as to why Martin would have made the incident up."

Douglas was put through a series of field sobriety exercises, which the deputy determined indicated a "strong evidence of impairment." Douglas was placed under arrest. Douglas had Oxycodone and Alprazolam (Xanax) on him at the time of his arrest. He had a prescription for the medication.

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