Artist's sculptural ingenuity brings in business

Oftentimes when individuals think of a sculpture, they picture things like the classical Roman or Renaissance figures, hewn in great detail from massive blocks of marble. While these works are beautiful in their own right, stunning work is being completed by many modern day artists, like Scott Freeland. His subjects take their form, not through cut and polished stone, but rather foam and many other contemporary materials.

Scott Freeland has been using his talent for art and creativity by doing fabrication for over 20 years, owning and operating his own business, Freeland Studios, for the past 12 years.
John Staubly, Freeland Studios Business Development Manager, provided a brief history of Mr. Freeland’s background.

“As a graduate of the fine arts, Scott Freeland began his post-college career as a sculptor for Creative Arts in St. Petersburg where he honed his skills in large-scale sculpting and discovered his passion for custom fabrication,” Mr. Staubly said. This dedication to the field, was echoed by not only the examples of his work that can be viewed online, but also by the sentiments expressed by the artist himself.

“I think people should know that I am an artist who is not only passionate about my work, but I’m totally committed to each project that comes out of my studio. My client’s satisfaction is very important to me,” Mr. Freeland explained.

He has worked on a wide variety of projects in the past, including projects for Six Flags, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Parks & Attractions and FAO Shwartz, just to list a few. One of the many works that Mr. Freeland has completed, is a creatively designed car decoration for a local Hernando County business by the name of, “Mrs. Grout.”

“Business owners who have an idea that they think is either too impractical or unrealistic should think again,” Mr. Freeland said. “They call me ‘The Wizard’ because I can turn the impossible into reality and for many small companies that transformation has allowed their businesses to blossom.”

This is certainly the case for, Mrs. Grout.

I had the opportunity to speak with the owner of Mrs. Grout, Lisa Hannon, who started the business about four years ago. She has 24 years of real estate experience and saw an opportunity in the field of tile and grout care. The business color seals, cleans, and repairs the grout within their customers’ homes, focusing on most things related to the repair of tile and grout.

Mrs. Hannon saw some of the work that Mr. Freeland had done for another business involving decoration for a car, and later worked with Mr. Freeland to design a vehicle for her business. She had some things in mind, like the kind of car she intended to use, and that she wanted tile and a scrub brush. From there, Mr. Freeland took those concepts and worked with her to create the cohesive piece that now stands. There are interesting details worked into the piece as well. If one looks closely, the back of the car is dirty, while the front is clean, which works with the natural weathering of the car, as the back of the vehicle is normally dirtier.

Mrs. Hannon went on to say that her business has grown and flourished with the increased notice-ability and notoriety that has come from having such a unique vehicle representative of their grout cleaning services.

“This year I did over $20,000 in business [from] people that had just seen the car, because it sticks out. I mean, wraps come and go,” said Mrs. Hannon.

Above: Petpalooza vehicle with sculpture created by artist Scott Freeland.

As was previously mentioned, Mr. Freeland often uses high-density foam to create and carve the subject from. In addition, he may create a base or skeleton-like structure to support the work, using materials like steel or aluminum, as the subject requires. Some finishing touches may include using sandpaper, paint, and a urethane coat, to smooth out parts of the sculpture, to decorate it, and to provide a protective layer for the work. They may also create molds, depending on the project that the client requests. These molds might be made out of plaster, fiberglass, and various types of rubbers.

Mr. Staubly explained that before a project begins, they provide a sketch or 3D model for the client. “Often times an estimate will include a sketch or 3D rendering of the project before production work begins. In more complex projects, a small scale 3D model is printed before work begins on the full size product,” he said.

Mrs. Hannon highlighted the fact that not only does Mr. Freeland do fabrications, but that he’s a fine artist who works with pottery and paint, adding that much of the work he does with fabrication is hand carved.

“I will tell you, he’s a modern day Da Vinci,” she said.

Mr. Freeland is currently creating relief sculptures that will be on themed vehicles.

The number to Freeland Studios is 407-595-3148, and Mr. Freeland can be reached at [email protected] For more information, you can visit their website at

Mrs. Grout can be emailed at [email protected], or you can give them a call at 352-461-3835 (office) or 727-237-5808 (cell). They can also be found online at and

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