County revises hardware replacement policy

Technology Services Manager Karolyn Anthony presented to the Board of County Commissioners revisions to a Hardware Replacement Policy ( No. 34-01) that was approved in September 2011. The Hardware Replacement - Internal Service Fund Policy essentially requires all county departments to budget 20% of replacement costs annually for the Internal Service Fund, resulting in a self-sustaining fund that provides the Board of County Commissioners stable funding through the normal budgeting process.

The policy number was assigned in May 2015, after having some time to build the Internal Service Fund. Before the fund, each department would predictively pay 50% in advance for a device, while addressing immediate technology needs as well.

The revisions are: (1) modified the verbiage that mobile equipment being used in emergency response vehicles are not part of the Hardware Replacement Program; (2) modified the process of acquiring computers for new positions and how they will be paid; (3) modified the issuance of laptops to departments and requesting a business justification for the laptop request; and (4) modified the date in which Technology Services will provide the budgetary information for each fiscal year budget preparation.

Ms. Anthony stated that the ability to meet with departments earlier will result in “better numbers at budget time.”

Commissioner Nicholson moved to approve the motion. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Champion and approved by the board.