State Infrastructure Technology Bill Vetoed

A bill dealing with state infrastructure technology, sponsored by Representative Blaise Ingoglia has been vetoed by Gov. Rick Scott.

According to Ingoglia, the bill would have moved the state toward utilizing cloud technology. Ingoglia stated that if state agencies migrated to commercial cloud products, then millions in tax dollars could be saved. HB 5301 also would have created a cybersecurity task force, but Ingoglia emphasized that the major cost saver is cloud conversion.

In his veto letter, Gov. Scott states, “Consistent with policy agreed upon by the Governor and Legislature, an effective enterprise information technology organization requires the authority and resources to accomplish continually evolving enterprise initiatives. House Bill 5301 includes overly prescriptive language regarding the management of information technology resources that creates an inflexible landscape and discourages innovative business change. This bill limits the agency's ability to perform their primary function, which is to manage state information technology. I believe each state agency should continually work to be more efficient, and this legislation would implement burdensome policies on state agencies. For the reasons stated above, I withhold my approval of House Bill 5301, and do hereby veto the same.”

The veto was one of five on Monday April 26th. That day he signed 29 others.

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