History Comes Alive for Local Third Graders

A wide array of famous people, both living and once living, paid a visit to West Hernando Christian School on Friday, April 23. Children in Mrs. Michele Durling's third grade class portrayed well-known and not so well-known figures in a “Living Wax Museum.” Among these people were a now 85-year-old marine biologist, a six-year-old child on the forefront of the Civil Rights movement, three presidents and a famous inventor. 

A family farm's record books: Life recorded on a Masaryktown farm in the 1950s

I am a pretty good record keeper but I think my notes are nothing compared to my Dad. I treasure his three green farm record books.  They are a real trip back in time. They cover his early years as a poultry farmer from late 1950 to January 1953.  For that time period, my Dad kept meticulous records of his income and expenses, including details on building a house from scratch.  Flipping through the pages you see a month-by-month record of their new life as farmers in Masaryktown.  

Notes from the Museums: Railway Express Agency

The 1885 Depot on Russell Street in Brooksville was bustling with activities on most days during the early 1900s. A new service may have made the place jump, even more, when the Railway Express Agency (REA) was started in 1918. Also known as the American Railway Express Agency and the American Railway Express Inc., it was a parcel delivery system...think UPS or FedEx...that used the rail system across the country. Of course, it wasn’t door-to-door service.