Dredging boat access to Hunters Lake

(STAFF) Tussocks, or floating vegetation, has been a problem in Hunters Lake for years. The county has funded 14 acres of tussock removal in the lake ($150,000) and received funding from FWC for an additional 5 acres. Boat access to the lake has been limited by sedimentation.

The county has determined that they are unable to use Environmentally Sensitive Lands funding to complete the sedimentation removal. The canal is to be hydrologically dredged (1632 feet in length) to a width of 20 feet and an elevation of 11.5 feet.

Total cost is $317,000. The county has submitted a Legislative Appropriations request for the project in which the county will need to match 30% which would be $82,500. Commissioners voted to fund the matching 30%.

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