Chinsegut Hill Cottages

By Hanna Fox

Are you planning a family get together or looking for a unique place for people to stay during a wedding? Chinsegut Hill has seven nice cottages for your next family get together.

They are located adjacent to the Chinsegut Hill Manor House, sitting at the highest elevation on the Nature Coast. All the cabins combined can accommodate up to 56 guests. You can rent the entire cottage or just a portion of it. Each bedroom has a private bathroom/shower and two twin beds.

The kitchenette, dining and living areas in each cottage are shared by the guests of each cottage. The kitchenette has a refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot. Cabins offer covered porches which they recommend for bird watching.

The cottages were built by the University of South Florida and were used for lodging attendees of academic conferences and retreats. After USF stopped leasing the property, The Friends of Chinsegut Hill did a great job fixing up the cottages. Director Natalie Kahler mentioned that they will be doing some additional renovations on the cottages in the near future.

Dining Hall with a view

The Chinsegut Hill setting is lovely and relaxing. The dining hall overlooks the land below Chinsegut Hill. It is quite a view!!!! The hall can seat 75 people. Another thing you can do is rent half of the dining hall since it has two parts: the kitchen and the dining room.

If you don’t need the kitchen, then there is the option to rent only the dining hall.

During your stay, you can tour the Chinsegut Hill Manor House, which has a fascinating history and take a hike on one of the trails. If your stay falls Tuesday through Thursday, you can attend Luncheon on the Hill, featuring a historical lecture and a nice meal.

Relaxing on the manor house porch

If you want to learn more about Chinsegut Hill go to Hope you enjoy your adventure at Chinsegut Hill.

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