Florida Bluegrass Classic

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

Florida Bluegrass Classic

Ernie and Debi Evans promoters and owner of Evans Media Source outgrew their location in Waldo, Florida where they began their bluegrass festival endeavors. Eventually, they packed up and moved their event here to Brooksville, Florida with the intentions of hosting larger bluegrass fests. “It was just too small at Dixieland Music Park and we were ready to expand, we were lucky to find this piece of property to facilitate us,” Ernie said.Richard Holmes gathers around friends for a Bluegrass jam.

Ernie and his wife Debi have been in this business for over fifteen years. The duo also toured as part of a Florida bluegrass band.

“There is a very strong bluegrass following in Hernando County, and it’s a mission to preserve the American heritage of music that was formed right here in the United States and Florida, particularly in this area; it’s very fertile with bluegrass fans,” Ernie Evans said.

This is their first year hosting a festival at Florida Classic Park.

People travel all over the United States to attend Bluegrass events, with their campers filled with the essence of bluegrass. Fellow enthusiasts gather around to play music and experience the camaraderie of the event.

The park is lined with vendors, music and activities. There is also a guitar maintenance seminar from Bill Anderson. “If your guitar is not fun to play, it ends up under the bed,” Anderson said. Anderson repairs guitars for Martin & Co.

Saturday, February 27th is the last day to enjoy the Florida Bluegrass Classic and that includes children’s activities starting at 10am to "Nothin’ Fancy" closing out Saturday night.

For more information about the Florida Bluegrass Classic as well as other events please visit:http://www.evansmediasource.com/ and http://www.evansmediasource.com/Bluegrass_Classic.pdf

Wry Whiskey plays at the Florida Bluegrass Classic

Wry Whiskey plays at the Florida Bluegrass Classic in Brooksvile.
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