Run with the Quista’s

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

Run with the Quista’s
The PHSC Women’s Cross-Country team hosted their 12th Annual Run with the Quista’s 5K race on Sunday November 6th at the Pasco Campus.
There were over 100 participants in the scenic 5K race.  Among the participants were PHSC faculty, students, community members as well as some furry friends.
This fundraising event was put together for the cross country team and the proceeds are used to help with recruiting, travel as well as other expenses.
Jackie Wachtel began the cross country program back in 2005 and has led the team since that time.  The team won the Inaugural FCSAA/NJCAA Region 8 Women's Cross Country Championship in Tallahassee on November 4, 2016.  
“This is our 12th year; it’s one of our largest turnouts,” Wachtel said. “A lot of the people from the community came out, which is our goal.”
On Wachtel’s Cross Country roster are some familiar students, Annaliese Besaw from Nature Coast Tech and Kylyn Burbine from Central High, who are both working hard to run their personal best.
“Jackie and I are involved in running in the area,” said Stephen Winterling, Athletic Director for PHSC. “A lot of these people we know through different running groups.  It’s just a great fun time for the community.”
Bringing the community to the campus as well running along with students and staff from the college brings everyone together common goals: fitness and the love of running.
“I think it’s important to have that interaction… the staff really works together well, a very positive atmosphere,” Winterling said.
The Cross Country team travels to El Dorado, Kansas for the NJCAA Division I Women's Cross Country Championship on Saturday, November 12th.

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