Show Us Your SunShine: Virtual Anniversary Visit

When a couple has been united in marriage for a quarter of a century, not even the greatest of obstacles can keep them apart. This was proven once again recently at Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville, when a patient received a grand gesture of love from her husband of 25 years; one orchestrated with a little help from Oak Hill staff.

Robert and Penny Craig will celebrate their 26th anniversary on May 29.

‘Dino’ poised for Nomination to National Register of Historic Places

The building located at 5299 Commercial Way in Spring Hill takes the shape of a dinosaur character known as Dino, an "Apatosaurus" that stands 47 feet tall and is 110 feet long. And Dino is poised to become a nationally known celebrity; one proposed for nomination for listing in the National Register of Historic Places; an official list of the Nation's historical sites deemed worthy of preservation.

Eight is not Enough (Part 1 of 2)

Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s there was a program on TV called “Eight is Enough.” Generation X’ers will probably remember the show. It was based on the true story of a journalist and his wife who were raising eight children. “The Brady Bunch” and “The Partridge Family” were other TV shows that focused on large families. Each of these half-hour sitcoms idealized the trials and rewards of raising a lot of children.