Hernando County commissioner Nick Nicholson arrested

County Commissioner Nick Nicholson was arrested April 19, 2018 on counts relating to owning, maintaining or operating an establishment of prostitution and “purchasing the services of any person engaged in prostitution.

Nicholson, who is an engineer and owner of Nicholson Engineering Associates Inc. was elected to the Hernando County Board of County Commissioners in 2012 and re-elected in 2016.  He has served as Chairman and Second Vice Chairman. Having been in the community since 1986, he has served on a number of local boards.

His profile on the county website reads, “Commissioner Nicholson is an active member on the Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council, is liaison to the Southwest Florida Water Management District, and serves on the Pasco-Hernando Workforce Board as part of the Jobs and Education Partnership. He currently serves as Chairman of the Withlacoochee Regional Water Supply Authority, Chairman of the Transportation Disadvantaged Local Coordinating Board, and is a member on the Florida Department of Transportation Interstate 75 Relief Task Force.”

The arrest stems from an investigation in relation to domestic disturbance arrests that occurred at Nicholson’s Spring Hill residence on Feb. 20, 2018.  The following information is provided by the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office:

Upon arrival, deputies met with the female victim, Valerie Surette, in the doorway of the residence.  The victim told deputies she had been involved in a heated verbal altercation with her husband, Kendel Surette, and he threw a screwdriver at her, hitting her in the face.

Deputies noted that both of the Surettes had red, glassy eyes and slurred speech, indicating they were under the influence of an unknown substance.

Physical evidence (injury to Valerie's face) of domestic violence was present; therefore, Kendel was placed under arrest for Domestic Battery.

During the investigation, information was obtained regarding allegations of additional criminal activity occurring within the residence and/or involving persons living in the residence.  As a result of said allegations, the case was turned over to Hernando County Vice and Narcotics Unit.

A complete and thorough investigation was conducted by detectives in the Vice and Narcotics Unit, working in conjunction with Special Agents from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).  The law enforcement investigators also maintained continuous communication and coordination with the State Attorney's Office of the Fifth Judicial Circuit (SAO).

As result of the evidence in the case, the SAO has direct filed charges, which resulted in the arrest of Hernando County Commissioner Nicholas Nicholson.

Nicholas "Nick" W. Nicholson W/M… was placed under arrest today and charged as follows:

  • Own, Establish, Maintain, or Operate any Place, Structure, Building, or Conveyance for the Purpose of Lewdness, Assignation, or Prostitution - 1 count; Bond - $1,000

  •   Purchase the Services of any Person Engaged in Prostitution - 2 counts; Bond - $2,000 ($1,000 each charge)

       Total Bond - $3,000.


The case remains under investigation.

Commissioner Nicholson’s relationship with a stripper was investigated in 2012.  Kimberly Losurdo who was employed at Calendar Girls strip club in Pasco County was arrested in 2012 for child abuse after a child she was caring for ingested crack cocaine.  A state law enforcement investigation turned up her relationship with Nicholson during his 2012 campaign. No charges were brought against Nicholson as officials said, "the investigation lacked sufficient evidence."

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