Let's Live Every Day Like Sept. 12

Sept. 11, 2001. The day the world ended. A horrific terrorist attack filled the skies with smoke and fire, claiming the lives of nearly 3,000 precious human beings--people of all ages and backgrounds, who had their lives ripped away from them in a heinous act of terrorism.

Sept. 12, 2001. The day a new world began. For while the dreadful events of Sept. 11 did indeed devastate this nation, they did not destroy us. And as we arose from the ashes in the fashion of a collective phoenix, we had a tool in our arsenal far more powerful than a gun or a bomb. We had love.


We are witnessing many in authority who do not implement good leadership to protect the public. The great responsibility of any position is to choose the correct actions, no matter how difficult, that maintain order with minimal intrusion into the lives of the people involved. Some might not see the importance of these policies, therefore the person in charge should make convincing arguments that these are the best policies for the good of the mission. 

The Ghost of the Many

 I am a ghost. I am a thousand ghosts. I am hundreds of years old, and I am one day old. I have been sent to many different places. And for many different reasons, along with thousands of others. Many of us have been left to remain in these places as ghosts. I do not haunt any of the places I have been. Nor do I haunt anyone at those places, but I remain there. I simply roam the fields and the forests of the countryside. I can wander the streets of the cities and towns in the places I have been.

Forgotten Coast Part 1

Camping in February!  What were we thinking?  But our friends wanted to go to north Florida so we were all for it.  Our destination was a small town called Carrabelle FL just east of Apalachicola.  I think I might have seen it in the blink of an eye on the way to Pensacola once.  It's a long part of the panhandle called "The Forgotten Coast," one of the last stretches of beautiful unspoiled beaches, and less developed.  It is not crowded with high rises or strip malls, just quiet towns along Hwy 98.  "The Forgotten Coast" to the east is noted by St.

Boys on the train

My name is Thomas Langley and I’m Editor-In-Chief for the Sentinel, a  local newspaper here in  Lewis Port Kentucky and I have a story to tell.

As a young boy I had the misfortune of both my parents being killed in an auto accident. As a result I was placed in foster care.