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Hernando Beach Seafood Receives Zoning Clarification

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After a 3-2 vote by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) on August 25, 2020, Hernando Beach Seafood prevailed in a ruling that will allow the business to use fishing gear, bait and use crab traps on their vessels. Chairman Mitten and Vice Chairman Allocco voted no to interpret the use of fishing gear, bait and crab traps as permissible use of the property. 

Major Robbins Graduates From Civil Air Chaplain Corps Regional Staff College

From the local US Air Force Hernando County Composite Squadron, Major Vernie Robbins,  graduated from the US Air Force Civil Air Chaplain Corps Regional Staff College in August 2020, which was conducted online, due to the COVID 19 virus. 118 individuals that graduated out of 200, came from across the United States, Puerto Rico, Germany, and Japan.