Local Community “Hero” Receives Tampa Bay Lightning Award

The word “hero” is usually associated with brave deeds done in combat or by first responders. Hernando County resident, Barbara Lemoine, is a hero of a different sort. On November 27, the Tampa Bay Lightning honored Barbara with its 14th Lightning Community Hero Award for her work in founding and running The Life Center (TLC) of Hernando.  Along with a plaque, team owner Jeff Vinik and Left Winger (forward position) Alex Killorn presented Barbara with a check for $50,000.

Seniors remembered for the holidays

As the holidays are approaching, warm wishes and holiday decorations fill most homes in our community. Yet some need a little help to be merry and bright - like elderly residents who are homebound, or live alone without relatives nearby.

In 2012 Maureen Riser, a franchise owner with Home Instead Senior Care opened the first office in Hernando County and businesses like this are important for many seniors in our community who are living alone or with family members living away.

Trust God and he will lead you

I’m sure that most of us have dreamed about accomplishing something but discovered that our goal was not going to be easy. Some individuals, maybe yourself, became so determined to succeed that nothing could prevent them from achieving their vision. So, what causes a person to be so passionate and excited about what they love and where do we find this ability to focus and the internal drive to persevere even in the face of incredible resistance and seemingly impossible challenges? Can anyone develop a persistent never-give-up attitude?

If you don’t know what it is, keep it!

My daughter, Ricochet, started accusing me of being a hoarder.  I pointed out that I did not have stacks of newspapers and boxes and tubs of old junk sitting around on the floor of my house, but she insisted that I held on to too much stuff.  How she knew what stuff I kept in my closets and drawers, I didn’t understand. But eventually I realized it was all a ruse. She was distracting me from catching on to the reality that she was hoarding her stuff in my garage.  She is the hoarder. She just isn’t hoarding in her own house!

Venison, what to do? Make a Stew!

Maybe it’s the ingredients; deer meat tenderized by a few hours of simmering, a variety of hearty vegetables taking their natural place alongside, and a thick and rich broth that ties all of the flavors together.  Maybe it’s because it’s a deeply satisfying meal, all in one bowl that just makes you feel good all over and warms your insides, too. Maybe it’s the knowledge that your creation is built around the success of a memorable hunt.  But, whatever it is; it’s delicious!