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Local firefighter’s mission: 110 Stories for 9/11

At age 24 now, Matthew Dion was only a child when the tragedy of 9/11 shattered the peace of an unsuspecting world; with lives and buildings destroyed as everyday heroes and heroines such as police officers and firefighters saved and protected--all the while putting themselves at risk. Yet as a firefighter himself and as an American patriot, he felt compelled to honor those who gave their all. And this Sept. 11, he took some 'steps' in the right direction.

County's First FY 2021 Public Budget Hearing

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County Commissioners approved a millage rate reduction of .25 mills over last year’s millage rate during the first budget hearing on Sept. 9, 2020. Because of an increase in property values, this will result in an increase in property tax revenues for the county.  The fiscal year 2021 tentative budget is $537,678,748 with 25.99% coming from the general fund.

Five Year Capital Improvement Plan includes 239 projects, totals over $410 million

Ahead of the next evening’s first public budget hearing, Budget Director Stephanie Russ delivered a presentation on Capital Improvement Projects completed in FY 2020 and those that are budgeted for FY 2021 on Sept. 8, 2020.  She brought attention to several projects that are currently unfunded in FY 21 but remain a priority to the county such as the $14.5 million radio system overhaul for the Sheriff’s Office and the courthouse remodel.