Megan Hussey

Show Us Your SunShine: Virtual Anniversary Visit

When a couple has been united in marriage for a quarter of a century, not even the greatest of obstacles can keep them apart. This was proven once again recently at Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville, when a patient received a grand gesture of love from her husband of 25 years; one orchestrated with a little help from Oak Hill staff.

Robert and Penny Craig will celebrate their 26th anniversary on May 29.

‘Dino’ poised for Nomination to National Register of Historic Places

The building located at 5299 Commercial Way in Spring Hill takes the shape of a dinosaur character known as Dino, an "Apatosaurus" that stands 47 feet tall and is 110 feet long. And Dino is poised to become a nationally known celebrity; one proposed for nomination for listing in the National Register of Historic Places; an official list of the Nation's historical sites deemed worthy of preservation.

Show Us Your Sunshine: Tiger Times

When folks discover their artistic passions and pursuits early in life, then their lives are never short of sunshine. And even during the darkest of days, it is this shine that brings the light.

This spring, the staff of a local newspaper has published their debut edition remotely; proving the edict that, regardless of the problems and travails of the day, the press must go on, the paper must go out, the news must be delivered. Furthermore, this particular staff learned this lesson before graduation--not from journalism school, but from elementary school.

Hernando County Library System Welcomes New Library Services Manager

The Hernando County Public Library System (HCPLS), like all other public agencies in the time of COVID-19, has undergone many changes in the past few months; taking many services online before re-opening to the public at 25 percent capacity beginning Monday, May 4, with limited hours of operation. And through all of the changes, the library has thrived under the direction of a skilled leadership team that includes a newly instated library services manager; one that brings 25 years of experience to the job.