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Dana’s Railroad Supply Hosts Model “Show and Tell”

If you’re a model train enthusiast then you’re probably familiar with Dana’s Railroad Supply located on Deltona Boulevard. But this shop is more than just a haven for people whose passion is collecting model trains, and miniature towns, complete with buildings and trees, and watching these colorful locomotives circle their tracks. It’s also a place where people who enjoy building models can purchase all the supplies necessary to put together an airplane, ship, space vehicle, among other items. 

Get Ready For The Bard Unleashed

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William Shakespeare has been called "not only one of the best playwrights of his time, but of ours too." The 2015 Guardian article Teen Opinion: Why Reading Shakespeare Should Be Fun, states that "His works reveal something about ourselves that other writers don’t show – and that’s why teens shouldn’t dismiss him as 'old'.” 

Ah, but is Shakespeare indeed fun?

Hernando Symphony Orchestra has a new venue

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For more than four decades, The Hernando Symphony Orchestra has filled the halls and gatherings of Hernando with the sounds of popular music, performed by virtuoso musicians who play everything from pop hits to holiday music, movie themes to jazzy favorites and Broadway tunes.

The music was silenced this spring, when--in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic--the orchestra's April concert was, like many public events and programs, canceled. 

Movie Time!

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What would the summertime be without the moviegoing experience? The larger than life screens, the glamorous movie stars sweeping their way through dynamic adventures, and--of course--the candy and popcorn! Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is moving into the second phase of his plan to revive the economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing movie theaters to partially reopen through most of the state. Thus the summer movie season can commence in Hernando County--with safety restrictions in place.  

A “Hidden Gem” Features Local Comedy Magician

They say that “laughter is the best medicine.” Well, if you want a good dose of this remedy, you can find it just forty minutes from Spring Hill down U.S. 19. The Comedy Hall of Fame Museum, housed in a multi-story office building in Holiday is home to more than 800 exhibits containing innumerable pieces of memorabilia highlighting the history of comedy – from the ancient Greeks and Romans to today’s most popular funny people. These include photographs, posters, sound recordings and an old radio.

A farmer's story: Upicktopia/Masaryk Winery

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This past Sunday we set out to purchase fruits and vegetables. We could have gone to the grocery store, but we decided to cut out the middlemen and head to Upicktopia in Masaryktown. Upicktopia is a farm where you pick the fruits and vegetables. 

There were strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries along with an assortment of lettuces, swiss chard, and jalapenos. There are plenty more crops growing that will be ready in the coming months. They also have a farm store where they sell many more fruits, vegetables, and eggs.