Sarah Nachin

Steve Davey - Local Teacher Courageously Battles Multiple Illnesses

Steve Davey is a seventy-year-old married father of two grown sons – Justin, who has been a firefighter and paramedic and now works in the medical field, and Chris who is in law enforcement. Steve and his wife, Becky also have one grandson and another one on the way. At a time of his life when he should be thinking about enjoying retirement and looking forward to spending quality time with his family, Davey is fighting several life-threatening illnesses. 

A Look Back at Past Elections


There’s a saying that goes like this: “The more things change, the more they remain the same.” I believe this is especially true in politics. This past week has been a nail-biter when it came to the presidential election, one that saw many people rejoice and many others lament. But this isn’t rare in politics. Several elections of the twentieth century and one in the twenty-first century were controversial and contentious. 

Dana’s Railroad Supply Hosts Model “Show and Tell”

If you’re a model train enthusiast then you’re probably familiar with Dana’s Railroad Supply located on Deltona Boulevard. But this shop is more than just a haven for people whose passion is collecting model trains, and miniature towns, complete with buildings and trees, and watching these colorful locomotives circle their tracks. It’s also a place where people who enjoy building models can purchase all the supplies necessary to put together an airplane, ship, space vehicle, among other items.