Sarah Nachin

Fifty-one Seniors Honored in Student Recognition Ceremony

On Thursday, May 20, the Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber Education Training Association (CETA) honored a select group of graduates for special recognition in the areas of the Arts, Leadership, Community Service, Career and Technical, Entrepreneurial, and Academics. CETA has an unbroken forty-seven-year record of sponsoring this event, even holding it virtually last year in the middle of a pandemic. 

Local Graduate Heading for Career in the “Wild Blue Yonder”

Central High School graduate, Kelsey Barats-Shumate, grew up in a military family, so it’s not surprising that she decided to pursue a career in the Armed Forces. What may be surprising is that she chose the Air Force rather than the Coast Guard, since her father spent twenty-seven years in that branch of the military. 

Commissioner John Allocco Addresses Glen Lakes Veterans and Friends

On Thursday, May 6, County Commissioner John Allocco addressed a large group of supporters of the Glen Lakes Veterans and Friends (GLV). This organization raises money to help various veterans’ posts from the tri-county area (Hernando, Pasco, and Citrus counties). These posts include American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and Disabled Veterans (DAV). 

History Comes Alive for Local Third Graders

A wide array of famous people, both living and once living, paid a visit to West Hernando Christian School on Friday, April 23. Children in Mrs. Michele Durling's third grade class portrayed well-known and not so well-known figures in a “Living Wax Museum.” Among these people were a now 85-year-old marine biologist, a six-year-old child on the forefront of the Civil Rights movement, three presidents and a famous inventor. 

Chamber’s Third Annual Home and Garden Show

On Saturday, March 20, the Hernando County Chamber of Commerce held its third annual Home and Garden Show. It would have been its fourth had the show not been canceled last year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

This year’s event took place at American Aviation adjacent to the Hernando County Airport with more than fifty vendors and exhibitors participating. Most were chamber members, but non-members also participated.