CIty of Brooksville

Brooksville City Council approves revised special events permit policy

by PAT RAIA, [email protected]

The Brooksville City Council approved a policy that requires organizations or individuals sponsoring special events on city property to apply for a street closure permit. The approved policy includes an amendment for events such as large funerals and memorials that take place in city-owned cemeteries.

Approval denied for proposed Brooksville event policy

A proposed policy change drove a large group of business leaders, event organizers, vendors and interested residents to voice their objections at the March 15, 2021 Brooksville City Council meeting.  The proposed policy, which contained language that could potentially affect several events in Brooksville and private property rights was voted down 3-2 with Blake Bell, David Bailey and Mayor Pat Brayton voting in opposition to adoption.  

City considers forming an internal building department

by Robert Helde
[email protected]

The Brooksville City Council met with Chris Anderson, Community Development Director, on January 19 to discuss the possibility of internalizing the building division and bringing on three additional positions. The intents behind internalizing the building department are to streamline services and to minimize the cost for the city. The city had previously contracted with PDCS, LLC, and is currently using the services of contractors.

Apologies at the Brooksville City Council Meeting


On Monday evening, October 5, the Brooksville City Council conducted a virtual meeting. Present were all five council members - Mayor Joe Bernardini, Vice Mayor Pat Brayton, Robert Battista, William Kemerer, Betty Erhard; City Clerk Jennifer Battista, City Manager Mark Kutney, and City Attorney Gretchen Vose. The meeting addressed several items on the agenda. 

Brooksville Housing Authority requests funding for low income senior housing project

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(Sept. 21, 2020 ) Donald Singer, Executive Director of Brooksville Housing Authority (BHA), presented a request to Brooksville’s city council for additional funding from the City for the redevelopment of the Summit Villas public housing project. Located at the corner of Hale Ave and Dr. MLK Jr Blvd, the property has been vacant since 2012 and does not meet current building codes, Singer said.

Bus Shelter Improvements at City Hall

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(Sept. 21, 2020) Assistant County Administrator Ron Pianta commended Brooksville’s City Council partnership with the County as providing transportation beyond the city boundaries benefits county and city residents alike. 

Proposed upgrades include a bike rack, trash can, and better ADA access, Pianta said. The diagram provided to council members shows more visible thermoplastic striping and a graded approach. A curved roof will include solar panels. 

City of Brooksville Ad Valorem Millage Rate Approved at 5.9000 in final hearing


On Sept. 16, 2020 city council members approved the ad valorem millage rate of 5.9000 which will result in a tax decrease for the citizens of the city.  This millage rate is a 2.30% decrease over the current year’s rolled–back rate of 6.0389. The final vote was 3-2 approving the millage rate with council members Betty Erhard and Kemerer voting against it.  Erhard adamantly disapproved of the $22,000 in funding going to the Brooksville Main Street organization.  There were several citizen comments against the BMS funding as well.