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Items by Council: 2018 accomplishments and 2019 goals


Betty Erhard gets update on items of concern

Betty Erhard thanked those who attended the meeting. She congratulated the winners of the holiday lights beautification awards. Erhard thanked the Parks and Recreation Department for the work on the parade float. 

Erhard showed the pink fire helmet she received from Fire Chief Snowberger and the Fire Department. 

Discussion continues: requiring new developments to use city’s reclaimed water

DEC. 17, 2018 BROOKSVILLE CITY COUNCIL- Public Works Director Richard Radacky and DPW Project Manager Jon Dowler were asked to discuss City Ordinance 875. Radacky began with a history of the use of reclaimed water in Brooksville beginning in 2013, describing the sources of funding. 

Bernardini: residents along Oak Park should understand road won’t be fixed until 2033.

DEC. 3, 2018 BROOKSVILLE CITY COUNCIL- Revisiting a discussion from a previous meeting, Bernardini asked for information regarding whether staff was to bring back a cost for the work needed on Park Avenue. Battista stated that was not discussed because Bernardini talked about resurfacing the road at Providence, followed by Oak Park. He said they could direct staff to do an estimate. 

Brooksville council discusses bidding out a temporary staffing contract

Hernando Sun Writer

DEC. 3, 2018 BROOKSVILLE CITY COUNCIL MEETING- During the Nov. 19, 2018 meeting, the City Council tabled the discussion on the People Ready contract, postponing it to Dec. 3, 2018. Department of Public Works Director Richard Radacky briefed the council on the use of the staffing agency to fill temporary vacancies in the event of an employee illness or injury, to cover scheduled leave time, or when there is an unfilled position.   

Quarry parking issue, thoroughly discussed

DEC. 3, 2018- BROOKSVILLE CITY COUNCIL MEETING- City Manager Mark Kutney opened the staff discussion segment. He said that following the Nov. 19, 2018 meeting, there were several concerns identified by the city attorney. They held discussions with the Parks and Recreation Board and with the Enrichment Center (ECI) to get recommendations for solutions.  Resident Ivy Cordell, who runs a fitness group, has been vocal about the gate hours to the parking lot at the Quarry.  The Enrichment Center is responsibile for the gate and parking lot.

Recurring theme of school board citizen comments: ‘We are worth it.’

School Counselors

Ruth Owen – As a certified school counselor, she expressed concern over the number of open positions, the shortage of interns, and the increasing complexity of work they do. Owen referred to the mental health needs of students as discussed by Ms. Patel, and the amount of work they are assigned, including the registration and enrollment of students in the PHSC Dual Enrollment program, as discussed by Schlum-Hughes. 

PHSC articulation agreement places burden on high school guidance counselors

Vicki Schlum-Hughes – Discussed dual enrollment (DE) and asked the board to refrain from accepting the articulation agreement with PHSC for now. For the last two years, enrolling students in the program is a paper/pen method which takes time from students requiring guidance or mental health assistance. She illustrated the amount of work involved with a stack of papers about 12 inches high that had been recently completed, stating that this was only a portion of applications. “We are not employed by PHSC. We should not have to take away (from) our students to do their work.”