Kathryn Dentato

Brooksville City Council Member Natalie Kahler steps down under ‘resign to run’ law

At the June 18, 2018 Brooksville City Council meeting, City Manager Mark Kutney discussed assigning council members to one of the five committees designated by the Florida League of Cities for the upcoming annual conference. Council Member Joe Bernardini joked with Bill Kemmerer about taking a place with the finance/taxation committee next year, the committee currently assigned to Brooksville City Councilwoman Natalie Kahler. “We can talk about that next year,” Kemmerer said.

Hunters Lake tussock removal project comes to completion

At the June 26, 2018 meeting, Aquatic Services Manager Keith Kolasa presented a progress report to the BOCC on the year-long tussock removal project at Hunters Lake and the essential role that Pasco Hernando State College (PHSC) played. The tussocks are an invasive species, reducing the oxygen supply to the fish in some areas and creating hazards for boaters. 

Charter application denied for advanced learning high school

At the April 24, 2018 workshop, the Hernando County School Board (HCSB) discussed the charter school application review of the proposed Chehuntamo (chay-hun-TAH-mo) Advanced Performance High School, which was denied unanimously at the regular board meeting later that day.

The school had planned to serve Hernando and Pasco County students beginning with the 2019-2020 school year if the application had been approved.  

School district tax increase may be put to the voters

The Hernando County School Board is starting to review their budget in preparation for this year’s budget hearings. There was a preliminary discussion of increasing taxes to fill the expected budget shortfall. The discussion included raising the milage rate .5 or 1 mils: raising the milage rate .5 mils would generate $4.7 million and raising the milage rate 1 mil would generate $9.4 million.  

Dollars for dogs: love is the answer

photography by Elizabeth Dentato

Ten year old Harrison is the founder of Dollars for Dogs.

One of the most powerful commercials I recall seeing was of children following adults and imitating their actions. It ended with the tagline: Make your influence positive.

It’s a simple concept, but it requires adults to be conscious of their acts and consistent in providing good examples. That is what Mandy Celt has done. Mandy runs ASAP Rescue, which quite literally takes small animals from the euthanasia lists at animal shelters – abandoned pets, the injured or old, the throwaways.