Notes from the Museums - Music in the Home

The sound of a piano or organ drifting from the open doors and windows of the May-Stringer House might have been a common occurrence in the early 1900s. Families gathered in the evening to be entertained by family and friends. The May-Stringer has a number of musical instruments and devices on display. The Moller Organ Company organ in the foyer is a very impressive piece with eleven stops and entertained the Hoffman/Vaughn family for many years in Pennsylvania and then in Brooksville.

The Road to Kamala


When Kamala Devi Harris celebrated her pronounced victory as vice president-elect of the United States in November 2020, she wore a pantsuit of ivory white; a symbolic fashion choice, as it was through the power and collective efforts of the American suffragettes that--100 years ago last year--American women fully and finally earned the right to vote.

Old Friends

A recent walk through the Memory Garden at the May-Stringer Museum reminded me of how lucky we are for our old friends...friends that we’ve had for a long time. 

The garden, now maintained by the Brooksville Garden Club, was established over 30 years ago by a group known as Compassionate Friends. The group honors the names of children who have passed away whether as a child or as an adult.