History Comes Alive for Local Third Graders

A wide array of famous people, both living and once living, paid a visit to West Hernando Christian School on Friday, April 23. Children in Mrs. Michele Durling's third grade class portrayed well-known and not so well-known figures in a “Living Wax Museum.” Among these people were a now 85-year-old marine biologist, a six-year-old child on the forefront of the Civil Rights movement, three presidents and a famous inventor. 

A family farm's record books: Life recorded on a Masaryktown farm in the 1950s

I am a pretty good record keeper but I think my notes are nothing compared to my Dad. I treasure his three green farm record books.  They are a real trip back in time. They cover his early years as a poultry farmer from late 1950 to January 1953.  For that time period, my Dad kept meticulous records of his income and expenses, including details on building a house from scratch.  Flipping through the pages you see a month-by-month record of their new life as farmers in Masaryktown.