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Local Writer publishes first comic book: Catians | A Feline Fantasy Adventure

Article and Photography by ALICE MARY HERDEN

Since the age of ten, Cortney Cameron was always interested in anime and animated cartoons. Her new comic book, Catians started as a game she invented and played with her sister and their cousin in the rural area of Hays, North Carolina.

"We took advantage of the natural terrain by developing this fantasy world where we could go out and run around and pretend that we were these superheroes, super-powered characters."

Draft of interlocal agreement between housing authorities approved

A draft of the Interlocal Agreement between the Brooksville Housing Authority (BHA) and the Hernando County Housing Authority was approved by the county agency at a meeting on July 8, 2019.  Attorneys for both agencies were present, as well as BHA Chairman Randy Woodruff and three other BHA members.  The approval is contingent on adding language for remediation and handling of liability issues that could arise. 

The BHA will meet on July 16 for final approval.

County admin building still the elephant in the room

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At a special meeting held on July 9, 2019, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) learned that the current budget deficit could be potentially reduced by $627,931.  The most recent goal was to reduce the deficit by $4 million. The board came to the consensus that they are not in favor of  Payment in lieu of Franchise Fees (PILOF) or Payment in Lieu of taxes (PILOT) to generate revenues and gave County Administrator Jeff Rogers direction to construct a final budget within those parameters.

What matters at the City Council Meeting? 07.01.2019

Recognitions MATTER

Parks and Recreation Month, July 2019 – Bernardini read the proclamation which praised the Parks Department facilities and opportunities. Administrative Assistant Dodie Barger accepted the proclamation. Barger said the Parks Department was proud that Hernando Sun readers recognized the work of staff members and voted Tom Varn Park as the top park in Hernando County.  

Legislative MATTERS

Richloam Historic Marker Dedication


The Richloam General Store celebrated the unveiling of their second Historic Marker. They have a Historic Marker at the general store. The second marker was a few hundred feet further down the road at the current ranger station. This marker denotes the site of the Schroder Land and Timber Company (SLTC) Clubhouse. The SLTC was a large timber and turpentine producer who also split up and sold small portions of their land to the public. The clubhouse was built in 1916 and was sold to the U.S.