Deadly Drugs and Stolen Firearm Located by Alert Deputies

In two separate incidents, just hours apart, Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies located and removed numerous deadly drugs and a stolen firearm from the streets of Hernando County.

On 07-15-19 just after 8 p.m., Deputy Matthew LaPalme received information regarding a vehicle stopped/parked in the middle of the roadway near 5057 Bromley Avenue in Spring Hill. The vehicle was reportedly running and had a driver/occupants inside.

UF/IFAS Extension Tips on How to Identify and Prevent Downy Mildew

Florida weather is democratizing in a way; whether you’ve lived here your whole life or just arrived, it can always surprise you. Case in point: this has been a very wet spring for a narrow band stretching from Brooksville to the Cape, and this consistent moisture combined with cool nighttime temperatures explains why I’ve been seeing quite a few outbreaks of one of the nastier pest fungi out there: downy mildew. Downy mildew is a water mold, which is a very special type of fungus that is actually able to swim to find its host. Symptoms tend to first show up in new growth.

GOOFY STUFF: Items of the Third Kind

Item: Maybe someone does, but I don’t order just eggrolls when I’m eating oriental.  The eggroll is a side dish like rice and potstickers, and I certainly don’t cut open the roll to eat only the insides.  But my wife saw something on her phone and wanted to try it, a dish of the eggroll ingredients, or perhaps a spring roll, I’m not sure: crumbled pork and many veggies with fifty percent cabbage (which she got from her garden, and they taste great!  I love “cabbage water” ref: Willy Wonka…1971, but I like mine with slices of parsnip and garnished with the chopped greens of table o

High Point Community Holds Fourth of July Parade

On Thursday, July 4th the High Point Community held its annual Fourth of July Parade. This has been a tradition with the Brooksville manufactured home community for more than twenty years. 

For Toni McCabe, the parade chairperson, this was her first year heading up the event. She started organizing it in February. Nineteen volunteers assisted her. 

"They were involved in getting donations, lining up the participants in the parade,  registering the entries, getting judges and ones to tally the votes," Toni stated.