Tampa Bay Buccaneers begin new era in the face of COVID 19 and the Brady bunch

In the National Football League, it’s back to business as usual but obviously with some adjustments as league members try to navigate their way through the COVID-19 pandemic still spreading across the globe. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers welcomed quarterbacks and rookies into One Buc Place this past week and it’s been a slightly different feel to the start of camp. 

Opening Day Blues

That’s right, I’ve got the blues….  It’s opening day of archery season this weekend in the Southern portion of our state and I’m going to have to sit it out.  Heartbreaking, right?  Oh, I’ll survive I suppose; just one of those times where work just gets in the way.  Oddly enough, though, work will be taking me south for a few days next week, so I guess I’ll just carry my bow along and sneak off for a hunt or two if I get the chance.

Favorite Snack

   The only scene I like in the movie “Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend” (1985) is when George Loomis, played by William Katt, exchanges food with the leader of a local tribe, and after one bite of the granola bar Loomis gives him, the leader spits it out from the side of his mouth.  I’m sure his character thought it was too sweet.  Lately, I know the feeling.

Show Us Your Sunshine: PJ the DJ

In these challenging and frightening times, it takes a lot of encouragement and affirmative 'sunshine' to get us through--with perhaps a little music and dance thrown 'in the mix.'

Peter Lobato is known throughout Hernando as both PJ the DJ and Mr. Encourager. And this popular disc jockey received some encouragement of his own from The Arc Nature Coast, a 501-C-3, non-profit, charitable organization providing services and supports for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families in Hernando and Pasco counties.

A Great Day in Gainesville

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- Saturday morning July 25 promised to be a good day. It was hot, it was humid, but it was nice to see that everybody was able to gather and take the responsibility at a sporting event to follow the rules without panic.

The building that is home to the Gladden Boxing Club does not dominate the skyline, but it does stand out as a place where great things are being provided for this community.

Detectives Investigating Suspicious Death in Spring Lake 7/27/2020

Original Information – 07-27-20

On 07-26-20 just before 5 a.m., Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies responded to Spring Lake Highway just south of Hayman Road in (Spring Lake) Brooksville to investigate a report of a person “down” on the west side of the roadway.

Deputies and Hernando County Fire and Emergency Services arrived on scene to locate a female on the side of the road. The female was pronounced deceased at 5:05 a.m.

Champions of the Community

SPRING HILL, Fla. --- They are looking for a name for their team but under the summer sky of July, these four young gladiators greeted each other with laughter, with plenty of fist bumps and a show of respect for the work that they each have put behind them.

This group of boxers who were not yet attached to any gym worked together at perfecting their craft. They dance around the ring, throwing calculated punches with the hope that one punch lands on their target with enough devastating power that leaves their opponent wondering.

What kind of truck just hit them!