The Tilted Teacup Tea Room – A Bit of Britain in Brooksville

Whether or not you are British, a visit to the Tilted Teacup Tea Room in Brooksville offers a pleasurable and leisurely dining experience. At this unique eatery, you can enjoy a cup of tea, along with fresh-baked scones, cakes and a wide assortment of sandwiches, quiche and other fare. 

For owner Aimee Gans, who had previously run several businesses while raising four children, operating a restaurant was a new venture. 

UF/IFAS Extension launches monthly educational series at the Brooksville Farmers Market

In collaboration with the Hernando County Growers Association and the Brooksville Farmers Market, University of Florida IFAS/Extension Agents will be giving monthly talks on topics including farming, gardening, family nutrition, home economics, and youth development. The series kicks off on Sunday, September 22nd with an overview of the role of farmers markets in sustainable agriculture and a sustainable food system. 

The 'No More List'

Once upon a time I kept writing ‘Gloves’ on the grocery list, but my wife kept not buying them.  I like to use disposable gloves when mixing meatballs, pulling apart bacon, and handling steak and chicken.  (I don’t wash steak, but I do wash chicken and even use my lighter to burn off pinfeathers.) I also want gloves when I’m forced to pick up a cat or pet a dog—I don’t like it, but it happens.

Expanded downtown mural tours

BROOKSVILLE, Fla.- Join Jan Knowles, local historian and Arts Council’s Projects Coordinator, on a one-hour walking tour of downtown Brooksville’s murals and public art. Jan remarks, “We invite you to visit our historic downtown, learn the insider information on our murals, have a lovely luncheon at one of our excellent restaurants, and check out a shop or two.”  For access to additional information about each mural, QR codes on mural presentation plaques have been added to the tour.

Tour information: 

Advantage Plans

 As we age, all those things that our parents promised would come true, do. The aches and pains, going to bed early, getting closer to shooting our age on the golf course and the really unpleasant task of understanding Medicare. So, perhaps today is your lucky day, no, I am not going to shave strokes off your round of golf, but I am going to offer advice on how to find the best plan for you.

Forever a teammate.

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On Sept. 12, 2019, Trevor Bowen was playing his heart out on the football field.  A Hernando High School junior varsity football player, he and his team worked hard and beat a very physical Springstead Eagles team 20-6 on their turf.  The next morning Sept. 13, 2019 Trevor Bowen was tragically hit by a van on California Street in Brooksville while walking to school.

School resource deputy saves choking student at Eastside Elementary School

On Sept. 17, 2019 as students were finishing breakfast in the cafeteria at Eastside Elementary School, School Resource Deputy Christopher Downey observed a pre-kindergarten teacher running toward him, with a student in her arms.

As the teacher approached Deputy Downey, she advised him that the student was choking and needed assistance.

Deputy Downey sprang into action.

Hunting During The Pre-Rut

Opening weekend of archery season has been a great success for many bowhunters; I’m hearing lots of stories of good fortune.  The acorns haven’t begun falling in huge quantities and the deer are up and moving in order to fill their bellies. In this period of the season, it’s normal to focus on food sources or bedding areas while waiting for the rut to kick in.  And that’s always been my go to opening weekend strategy as well.