House, Senate sign off on record state spending plans


February 13, 2020


TALLAHASSEE --- Democrats expressed hope that Republican leaders will increase money for land preservation, boost art funding and avoid the House’s planned sweep of affordable-housing trust funds before joining their Republican counterparts Thursday as both chambers unanimously passed their versions of the state budget.

Ford Tri-Motor Tour

Ford Tri-Motor Tour

Recall the energy, passion, and excitement of the Roaring ’20s by flying aboard the Ford Tri-Motor. Known as the first luxury airliner, the Ford Tri-Motor redefined world travel and marked the beginning of a commercial flight.

Henry Ford mobilized millions of Americans and created a new market with his Model T “Tin Lizzie” automobile from 1909 to 1926. After World War I, he recognized the potential for mass air transportation.

Legislators: consider repercussions of legal notice bills

Our legislators are elected to fix problems in their local communities, and protect their local communities.  Their responsibilities can be equated to the physician’s responsibility to heal their patients and lookout for their well being. This is why we have a representative democracy, we do not have time to educate ourselves on all the issues, so we choose people to represent us.

Ideas to share for a special day in February

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As Valentine's Day approaches, many people plan formal Date Nights with their special someone; fancy soirees that feature wine, roses and all the trimmings. Yet for those in search of a low- or no-cost, family friendly way to celebrate the holiday of love, a number of Hernando nonprofit and government centers are 'putting their hearts' into the planning of a spectrum of enjoyable events.  

License agreement approved for Weeki Wachee dredging project

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At the Jan. 28, 2020 Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting, the county voted 4-0 to approve the license agreement between the county and Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD)  for the Weeki Wachee River dredging project. If funding is approved, dredging could begin in the spring of 2021. Commissioner Jeff Holcomb was absent during this meeting.