Healing with love

Americans have struggled for decades to afford health care and it's not uncommon for many of us who can't afford health care or insurance to end up in hospital emergency rooms — particularly as their health problems deteriorate and become more difficult to treat. 

In Hernando County, residents are fortunate to have the Crescent Community Clinic. 

Couple celebrates 75th wedding anniversary

Reg and Elaine Williams were married shortly after Elaine graduated from high school in 1944.  

Surrounded by their three sons, daughters-in-law and other family members, the couple celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary on Saturday, Sept. 7, 2019.  

Mr. Williams served in the Army Infantry division, and the two married while he was home on leave.  Shortly afterward, he rejoined his fellow service members in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II.

Archery Season 2019

It has sure taken long enough to get here, but archery season in our section of Florida, Zone C, as defined by the Florida Wildlife Commission has finally arrived!  To say I’m excited about opening morning is a huge understatement and I know that there are so many of you out there sharing my excitement. My inbox has filled up lately with requests for where to go and looking for tips and tactics to fill your tailgates and I’m mighty grateful to each of you who have taken the time to e-mail me.  I truly wish you all great success!

When TV Turned Traitor

In the television culture of my family, power failures and technical difficulties were dreaded enemies.  I remember well my moments of anguish, when I was young in ‘68, sitting in the dark, unable to believe or even comprehend the sudden unplugging of my brain from the TV and the plunging of my senses into the eerie darkness and silence of a dead house.  Or, when it was a glitch in the broadcast, angrily whispering “Come on! Come on!

Community's Response to Hurricane Dorian

Hernando County is usually threatened by at least one storm forecast during the hurricane season. Often the storms are steered elsewhere, although it has been only two years since a weakened Irma directly hit this area. Last year the community came together to deliver supplies to Mexico Beach, Florida and surrounding communities impacted by Hurricane Michael. There were many local businesses and organizations that delivered needed supplies. The constant threat of being hit by a hurricane, leads residents of this area to feel a kinship with the victims of a hurricane.

Premier Marketing Ribbon Cutting

The ribbon cutting for Premier Marketing LLC was held at the Hernando County Chamber of Commerce on Aug. 27, 2019.  Richard Linkul (center) owner of Premier Marketing cuts the ribbon. Mr. Linkul said he is extremely grateful to already have several clients, after launching the business in early June.  Mr. Linkul is a community leader and retired Marketing Director of Oak Hill Hospital. Premier Marketing’s purpose is to provide exceptional marketing services to serve the growing needs of the business community in the tri-county area as well as surrounding areas in mid-Florida.