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Please announce the Native American Indigenous Church, Native American Indigenous Church Inc. (NAIC Inc.) (Incorporation Florida Number N16000007439 since July 28, 2016), an integrated Auxiliary of the Priory of Saving Grace, #110, Under the aegis of SMOKH (Incorporation Florida (N150000075541 since 2004, Nevis (2004, No. 6332)), A Diocese of the Província Eclesiástica de la Iglesia del Oriente en América- (Ecclesiastical Province of the Church of the East in America. Also known as the Holy Church of the East in Brazil- The Sacred Catholic Church of the East Chaldean Church Ecclesiastical Monarchical State, Latin America and the Caribbean). Native American Indigenous Church is a registered UN, WHO, DESA, NGO @United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.
Notice is hereby given to the general public and all interested parties that the NAIC Inc. Tribal Organization Registered FBO, religious educational institution- seminary, previously known as “SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine, doing business as (dba) SCNM” has formally changed its name to “American College of Natural Medicine, doing business as (dba) ACNM.” All formal business, academic activities, and other related operations previously conducted under the former name will henceforth be conducted under the new name. Any contractual or academic obligations entered into under the former name remain in force and are now the obligations of the NAIC Inc.-American College of Natural Medicine dba ACNM. Any inquiries, correspondences, or business activities previously directed to SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine dba SCNM should now be directed to American College of Natural Medicine dba ACNM. All other details regarding the institution, including its location, mission, and programs, remain unchanged unless otherwise notified. This notice serves to inform the public, alumni, students, faculty, partners, and all related parties of this change, ensuring clarity in all future dealings and interactions. NAIC Inc. 5401 Saving Grace Ln: Brooksville, Florida, 34602 USA, Published September 6, 2023.

Published: September 15, 2023