Lisa MacNeil

Superintendent, school board members urge county commission to raise school impact fees

At the regular meeting on October 8, 2019, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) agreed to vote on the Hernando County School District’s (HCSD) request to increase their impact fee funding at a future joint meeting.  For reasons that were not clear at the Tuesday meeting, the agenda and public advertisement showed the topic as an update, and therefore not subject to a resolution.  The board concurred to defer the vote to the joint meeting, with a date to be determined. 

Golf Tournament to Benefit HPH Hospice

Not very long ago, Patrick Hramika was a hospice patient.  Given a terminal diagnosis, and perhaps a year to live, Hramika and his family made arrangements with the HPH Hospice for his care during that time.

The remarkable part of Hramika’s story is; few hospice patients make a full recovery and go on to lead a charity golf tournament to benefit their local hospice. 

BarbieCue vs. Mattel

If you’ve visited BarbieCue, the food truck that resides next to Marker 48 on Cortez Blvd, you have probably been in search of ribs or brisket.  In her four years in business, Laurie-Ann Wilkens has never had a patron approach her window asking what the iconic doll with the same first name is doing these days.

We checked. Mattel’s Barbie has been working in marine biology, beekeeping and even photojournalism, but she’s not been creating spice rubs or perfecting her “Hot and Fast” method of smoking meat.

Wilkens, however has been.

Commission Votes 3-2 to go Forward with 1 mill Property Tax increase

After a contentious 4 hour meeting on September 11, 2019, The Board of County Commissioners voted 3-2 to both approve the proposed 1 mill increase and the tentative budget.  Commissioners Steve Champion and Wayne Dukes opposed both measures maintaining that more expenses could be cut, rather than increasing the millage rate. 


The tentative millage rate will apply only to the BOCC General Fund.  Other funds’ rates are listed as follows:


BOCC General Fund 7.8912

BOCC Transportation Trust 0.7091

Hernando Growers Association to use Little Rock Cannery to expand customer base

In June 2016, the former Brooksville City Manager and Parks Department planned a Farmers Market in Downtown Brooksville.  Unfortunately, it was July, very hot and did not attract many customers at the time. Michael DeFelice was asked if he would help.  Excellent timing, since DeFelice was struggling with where to sell produce, and also still learning how to farm.