Lisa MacNeil

A ‘no-go’ for airport self-fueling facility construction contract

Hernando Sun Correspondent

This article corresponds to the following Dec. 18, 2019 BOCC meeting agenda item:

2. Award of Contract No. 18-CG0117/BH to GLF Construction Corporation for Aircraft Self Fueling Facility Project at Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport and Associated Budget Resolution (Cost: $1,255,770.00)

Hernando Beach Seafood denied rezoning that would facilitate relocating stone crab operation

Hernando Beach Seafood would like to move their stone crab operation from Calienta St. to their property at Nature Coast Marina on Shoal Line Blvd. In order to do that they submitted the rezoning application to allow “seafood products to be taken off of the fishing vessels and to load ice and bait on said vessels.”     The rezoning was met with much opposition from the community and the P & Z Board recommended denial.  The Board of County Commissioners followed the recommendation of denial at the regular BOCC meeting on Dec. 11.

County administrator outlines legislative agenda, 2019 state funding priorities

County Administrator Len Sossamon reminded the board that a Legislative meeting was scheduled for December 3, 2018.  In this meeting, the board presents their requests to the Florida Legislators.   Sossamon reviewed the pending projects with the board, beginning with the airport water reclamation facility expansion.  The completion of this project will allow for the decommissioning of the Osowaw plant.  

Nov. 27, 2018 Hernando BOCC Run Down


Swearing In of Elected Commissioners

Judge Merritt read the Oath of Office, officially swearing in the incumbent Commissioners Wayne Dukes and Jeff Holcomb for another term serving Hernando County. 


Attorney/Client Executive Session to Discuss Proposed Settlement Related to Case of Christopher Soto vs. Hernando County (Docket No. 18-03-BCC)

Nov. 5, 2018 Hernando BOCC Run Down


1. Correspondence From Various Customers Expressing Appreciation for Services Provided by Utilities Department Staff

Several staff members of the Utilities Department received written or verbal commendations.  The employees were recognized by Utilities Business Manager Nancy Stopps-Libengood, who entered her memorandum of recognition into each employee’s personnel file. 

2. Notification From Southwest Florida Water Management District of Proposed 2019 Five-Year Water Resource Development Work Program

Ajudication withheld in Nicholson case

Hernando Sun Writer

Judge Kurt Hitzemann ended the seven-month matter on Thursday, in which (suspended county commissioner) Nick Nicholson was initially charged with two counts of purchasing the services of a prostitute and one count of maintaining a place for prostitution.  Nicholson entered a plea of nolo contendere (no contest) on November 16, 2018.  Hitzemann formally withheld adjudication, and required Nicholson to pay $729 in court fees.  All three charges were misdemeanors.