Accent Insurance


    How do you plan for your healthcare needs? That is a tough question. I have friends and family from different parts of the country and I get to discuss with them how their healthcare works. Folks, you are very fortunate to live here. What you get for FREE, the plans that GIVE BACK MONEY, the OVER THE COUNTER items, and the LOW co-pays don’t exist in other parts of the country. Where I am from (Maryland) you have to pay a premium for any kind of plan. I know people who moved to NC and came back because healthcare plans were so expensive. So, what can I do for you? I can help you avoid the pitfalls, I can help educate you on the available plans, I can help you gain a level of comfort that will make the decision as clear and easy as possible. That is why I am a broker, I can help, just ask. Don’t Forget December 7 is the last day. Dennis Reich: 352-587-2178