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    Are you looking for a way to be proactive about your health?

    And identify risk factors before they become a diagnosis? If you answered yes then look no further! Thermography is a totally non-invasive health screening procedure that is pain-free, radiation-free, compression-free, and touch-free. Thermography uses a special medical grade, FDA approved infrared camera with highly accurate heat sensors to detect differentials in temperature in the body.

    Your body’s temperature is displayed graphically on a screen. Normally, our body’s temperature is symmetrical. However, abnormalities, injuries, pains, and abnormal pathology changes the temperature of the surrounding tissue. These differences are clearly visible through Thermography.

    Spring Hill Holistic Wellness offers Thermography on the last Tuesday of each month, and is performed by June Drennon, Certified Clinical Thermographer, 2008. Please call Spring Hill Holistic Wellness at 352-515-6121 for more information.