Volleyball Match Week- Springstead vs Lecanto

    Junior Lynae James (6) jumps up for a spike during the match against Lecanto on Sept. 20, 2021. Photo by Alice Mary Herden.

    Springstead started off the week of Sept. 20 by hosting a volleyball match against Lecanto Monday night. They fell 3-0 to Lecanto but traveled to Crystal River on Tuesday, Sept. 21, to take home a win.   On Thurs. Sept. 23, Springstead lost to Hernando High.  As of Sept. 27, their record is 6-9.

    Senior Isabella Cleto (2) tips the ball over the net during the match against Lecanto on Sept. 20, 2021.


    At the beginning of September, the Lady Eagles participated in the KSA (Kaylee Scholarship Association) Tournament, a three-day event in Orlando. 

    Coach Andrea Gracey remarked, “The KSA (Kaylee Scholarship Association) Tournament in Orlando was a great experience with high-caliber teams from out of state and in-state. We didn’t leave with the results we wanted but we definitely used that experience to prepare us for future games and preparing for the district tournament.”

    “I think all games we are using as stepping stones to be better than we were the day before. Slowly we are figuring it out but when we have those moments these girls play to their full potential. It’s incredible to watch.”

    Sophomore Emily Miller (12) bumps the ball during the match against Lecanto on Sept. 20, 2021. Photo by Alice Mary Herden.

    Lynae James, a junior, is an impressive blocker at the net and a dedicated player according to coach Gracey.

    “Lynae! She is actually a transfer from Central and has been a fantastic addition to the program. Her work ethic is incredible and she listens to what the coaching staff has to say for her to work on improving. She adds so much energy on and off the court and it’s been amazing to see her fit so well into this program with this being her first year being an eagle. It makes me wish I had her freshman and sophomore year! But 2 years is better than none.”

    Springstead is a young team, with one senior, five juniors, six sophomores, and two freshmen. To finish off the season, Coach Gracey says they are focusing on consistency and maturity to come out on top in tight matches. 

    “These girls just put in the work with the drills we run in practice to prepare them for those tough game situation moments. The thing we are working most on now is the consistency and the confidence to have mental toughness and maturity in those tight game moments. This is a very young team so that’s the toughest thing to ‘teach.’ I have to give a huge shoutout to the coaching staff of the program though. We are so like-minded with our philosophy of coaching but we all bring strengths to the table in different aspects (of the) game and positions of volleyball. I know that’s another reason these girls are getting better every single day. It’s a team effort and I am so proud of how far we have come, but still, lots to work on to prepare for district week.”

    Springstead travels south for a volleyball tournament at Shorecrest Prep in St. Petersburg on Friday, Oct. 1, and Saturday, Oct 2.  Oct. 5 they take on NCT at Springstead.