Mythical world of Pandora


Inspired by filmmaker James Cameron’s Avatar, Disney is bringing to life the mythical world of Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This new land opened just a few weeks ago and is the largest expansion in the park's near-twenty-year history.

The sci-fi fantasy world of Pandora transports visitors to the native home of the Na'vi. Pandora is all about the people, the environment, the culture, the animals and the beauty of the world. When Disney’s Animal Kingdom guests journey to the fictional world of Pandora as eco-tourists, they will encounter floating mountains, cascading waterfalls and exotic vistas; a glowing, bioluminescent rainforest and other wonders of an alien world. 

Inside the land of Pandora, children can transform into adventurers. Whether searching for the Na’vi Shaman of Songs, soaring through the air on the back of a banshee or journeying deep into the Valley of Mo’ara, these adventurers can discover a world beyond belief.

At the center of Pandora is a riparian area, where waterfalls cascade from the mountaintops into gentle pools and streams. One stream follows a peaceful path along the entry to Pandora — the other flows into the Na’vi River Journey, where guests board reed boats for an excursion to see the revered Shaman of Songs. 

Barbara Owen of Brooksville and her family recently visited Land of Pandora and said it was a most unusual experience they will never forget.

“Exploring Land of Pandora was marvellously weird and totally unique,” she said. “This is a wonderful addition to Animal Kingdom.”

As the adventurers of all ages explore the land of Pandora, they are taken on an otherworldly transformative experience with more than 250 varieties of live trees, shrubs and epiphytes  — the Disney horticulture team planted more than 500 trees and nearly 10,000 shrubs across the Pandoran landscape. The imagineering landscape architecture team worked side by side with the land’s design and engineering teams ensured that thousands of Pandoran plants, including epiphytes and barnacles, would fit into the overall landscape plan. 

Many of the walkways and paths, like the alien plant life that surrounds them, are bioluminescent. A treatment added to some of the Pandoran walkways gives them that glowing quality. Charged by sunlight and reinforced by black light, the glowing pathways come to life. 

It’s a journey to a distant world where mountains defy gravity and unbelievable sights and experiences await.

At Avatar Flight of Passage, 48 guests at a time can enter a state-of-the-art theater and board mountain banshees as avatars for the ride of their lives across Pandora. Immersion in the world of Pandora is complete thanks to a projection screen 69 feet wide and more than 97 feet high. Flight time is about four minutes. 

Magic Kingdom Park Hours are 9:00am – 11:00pm. For theme park tickets and annual passes, go to Discounts may apply for Florida residents.

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