Newspapers in Education Registration Form

A Newspaper for Every Student: A Literacy Partnership Initiative

Teachers, as well as parents of homeschoolers, digital learners, and e-schoolers, can request a Hernando Sun newspaper for each of their students free of charge. Teachers can request a newspaper for every student since we encourage them to have the students take the newspapers home after using them in a lesson. We also understand that with the threat of COVID-19 many teachers do not want to reuse newspapers with different classes and we encourage them not to. 

The newspapers are provided free of charge via a 501c3 program called Newspapers in Education. The Hernando Sun receives generous donations that allow us to provide the newspapers free of charge to expand students' reading experiences. In today's world with the onslaught of screen time, unplugging and reading a newspaper or book can provide unexpected joy.

Not only do you receive a free newspaper, but you also can receive a teacher's guide with ideas on lessons that can be incorporated with that week's newspaper. The teacher's guide contains ideas that are geared to students from elementary to high school.

The Hernando Sun newspaper is a member of Florida Press Education Services (FPES).  We work closely with FPES to enhance our offerings for classroom newspapers and associated curriculum. 

If you are a teacher or parent of a student learning from home and would like to order newspapers for your classroom, please fill out the form below.   If you have questions you can call us at 352-900-5147.

Student Name (If you are a parent requesting for your child)

If you are requesting a newspaper for your child or children, please provide their names here.
Please provide an email address to receive the weekly teacher guide.
Would you like the print only, digital-only or both ?
If you are requesting only the digital edition, what is your class size?

Classroom Email List for Digital Edition

Please provide your classroom email list if you'd like us to email the digital edition to your students each week. Please separate each email address with a comma. The other option is to provide the teacher's email address only and the teacher can forward the digital edition to students.
Please provide the mailing address where you'd like to receive the newspaper.