Teacher Guide Nov. 25-Dec.1 2022

READING Page/Article: K-9 Deputy, Justice, Retires/ pages A1, A12

Activity: Identifying key details

Find the answers to these questions: Who is the story about? What was their important role? When were they active in this role? Why was this person/animal so important? Note the organization of details in this story. Which is the most important? Where is it found? Does the headline highlight the most important fact? If not, where did the information for the headline appear in the story?

Standard: ELA.R.2.2 – Explain how relevant details support the central idea, implied or explicit.

MATH Page/Article: B5/Movie Times

Activity: Graphing Popular Movies at the Beacon Theater

Look at the list of all the movies currently playing and how many movie times each one is playing. List them in order from least to greatest based on the number of times played during the day.

Standard: MA.DP.1.1 – Collect and represent numerical and categorical data with whole-number values using tables, scaled pictographs, scaled bar graphs or line plots. Use appropriate titles, labels and units.

SOCIAL STUDIES Page/Article: A12/ Students give thanks, then feast

Activity: Building Community

After reading the article, write about how activities like the one described is important in building community and how it can help others.

Standard: SS.CG.2.1 – Describe how citizens demonstrate civility, cooperation, volunteerism and other civic virtues. 


READING Page/Article: 


Read the editorial(s) in each week’s newspaper and keep them. Decide if the writer logically constructed the piece, or if it tends to be emotionally constructed. Classify the editorials as being explanatory, praiseworthy, critical, entertaining, persuasive, or a combination.


Standard: ELA.R.3.4 – Explain how an author uses rhetorical devices to support or advance an appeal.

MATH Page/Article: K-9 Deputy, Justice, Retires/ pages A1, A12

Activity: Finding Averages

This article highlights the various illegal drugs the K-9 has found between 2015-2022. Using the following hypothetical data, calculate the rate of change between the year 2015 and 2022:

2015: 2.5 kilos of marijuana,150 grams of meth, 0.5 kilos of hashish, 0.75 grams of heroin, 32 grams of cocaine, 12.1 grams of opioids,3.5 grams of ecstasy

Standard: MA.912.F.1.3 – Calculate and interpret the average rate of change of a real-world situation represented graphically, algebraically or in a table over a specified interval.

SOCIAL STUDIES Page/Article: Any

Activity: The Power of Persuasion

Define and list the persuasion techniques used in advertising, and then find an example of each in your newspaper. Discuss the ads and see which ad the class likes most and which is liked least and tell why.

Standard: SS.A.1.1 – Provide supporting details for an answer from text, interview for oral history, check validity of information from research/text, and identify strong vs. weak arguments.


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