Teacher Guide Sept 8-14, 2023

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This guide is based on the newest Florida Standards for grade school through high school. This is intended to be used as a guide to adapt to your curriculum based on the Florida standards.

Ayers and Culbreath Roads intersection
Composition activity for High School: (ELA.9.C.1.3) Write to argue a position, supporting claims using logical reasoning and credible evidence from multiple sources, rebutting counterclaims with relevant evidence, using a logical organizational structure, elaboration, purposeful transitions, and a tone appropriate to the task.
Read the article on pg. A-6 about the changes in the Ayers and Culbreath Roads intersection. Write an essay of at least 450 words, stating the pros and cons of the decision to put in a roundabout. Then state which position you hold and your reasons for your opinion. Cite at least two sources in your essay.

Hurricane Idalia
Science activity for High School: (SC.912.E.7.6) Relate the formation of severe weather to the various physical factors.
Read the article on pages A1 & A-2 about Hurricane Idalia. Create a timeline showing the progression of Idalia from the time it was declared a tropical depression until the time the hurricane left the state. Include where the storm originated and the main causes of how the hurricane formed, picked up speed and finally dissipated.

Composition Activity for Middle School: (ELA.6.C.1.2) Write personal or fictional narratives using narrative techniques, precise words and phrases, and figurative language.
Read the article on pages A-1 and A-2 about Hurricane Idalia. Write a story (either fiction or non-fiction) using you and your family as the main characters preparing for and surviving a Category 4 hurricane. Describe your feelings before, during, and after the hurricane, along with specific details of what took place. Your story should be at least 400 words.

Veterans Memorial
Comprehension activity for Elementary School: (ELA.1.2.22) Identify the topic of and relevant details in a text.
Read the article on pg. A-6 about the Glen Lakes Veterans and Friends memorial. In one or two sentences state the main idea (topic) of the article. Then write three sentences from the story that expands on this topic.

Calendar of Events
Math Activity for Elementary School: (MA.K12.MTR.7.1) Apply mathematics to real-world contexts.
Study the calendar of events on page B-2, then answer the following questions:
How many more outdoor activities are there than art activities?
What percentage of the activities involve veterans’ organizations?
What percentage of activities involve the arts?
What is the total number of activities involving games and those involving the outdoors?

Fiddler on the Roof
Comprehension activity for Middle School: (ELA.6.V.1.3) Read and comprehend grade-level complex texts proficiently.
Read the article on page B-3 and answer the following questions in complete sentences:
Who is the lead character in the play “Fiddler on the Roof?”
Why does this character have a special meaning to Vince Vanni?
Summarize the story in three sentences.
Why does the play itself hold a special meaning for Mr. Vanni?
In what ways do the events in the play parallel the events going on in Ukraine right now? (This will require some research to answer this question.)
What is the purpose of Live Oak Theatre?
Research the time period of the play (Russia in 1905) and list three ways in which the play reflects the history of that time and place.

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