Learning to see through our spiritual eyes

The life of David in the Bible is one of the more popular stories in the Christian faith. Of all the individuals other than Christ, I would guess there have been more messages about him than any other character within the word of God. There is a huge difference between the way we observe and judge with our natural senses and the way God perceives everything through His perfect spiritual wisdom and the key to our success is learning to see as God sees.

Security over freedom is a formula for oppression

Life is unpredictable. Physical and mental health can change like the weather. We go through periods of splendid health and then have an accident or an illness or even a debilitating disease. No matter how healthy or lucky an individual is, everyone has phases of emotional and physical highs and lows. No one remains on an even keel for their entire life. We all have to “roll with the punches” until we can regain our equilibrium to make necessary adjustments in our lives.

The Mystery of the Hypnotized Vodouist


I am the type of person that would move mountains to find the truth even if it meant risking my life. Some people would describe me as nosy, snoopy, meddlesome, intrusive, or maybe even go as far as saying I am annoying. But I do not see it as that, I see myself as a liberator of the truth or a truth vigilante and may be a tad persistent at times. Still you have to go with what you’ve got. 

Thunder Moon

It's almost dark. I look to the west after the sun sets and then I see it. Just the thinnest curve of silver in the sky. It's the beginning of a crescent moon and the start of another cycle of moon phases.  Each night the curve will get larger. Here it goes, heading toward a full circle and then back to nothing again. Every 29.5 days. That is how long it takes the moon to complete its cycle.  I've always liked looking for it in the sky. I can remember searching for it on dark nights when I put the chickens "to bed" back on the farm.

The Papa Files by Vincent Cardegin

About once a month I shred documents.  I’m not sure if “documents” is the right word.  What I mainly shred is junk mail that has my name and address.  Years ago I saw a report on the news about criminals gathering information from garbage cans; they’d stop in front of someone’s house, pull out all the bags, and later sort through everything to find usable information.  And it was many years ago, because I

England's players can't handle loss

The Euro Cup 2020 Championship (postponed by 12 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic) proved to be an amazing nail-biter of a soccer match between England and Italy.  Both teams were under a lot of pressure to secure victory as Italy hadn’t won in 53 years and England never won, only making it to the semifinals twice in the tournament’s 63-year history.  The last time England had won a major international tournament was the 1966 World Cup.