Filling the Fridge Slowly

For quite a while we had to put towels on the floor in front of the refrigerator because it was leaking.  It was a slow leak and didn’t happen all the time.  I thought the drain pan (what I call the evaporation tray) that sits on the floor under the fridge was cracked, and so during every defrosting the water escaped.  But the fridge kept tricking me.  Sometimes I thought it was somehow the ice crusher, so I stopped using that.  But the next day it leaked.  Then I was certain it was the ice maker, so I shut it off.  It still leaked.  I kept thinking I cou

News Yoga

 Lately and for months now I’ve noticed a change in the news.  It used to be, female anchors often sat on couches with shortish skirts, and by necessity they kept their legs crossed.  When they were required to stand in the middle of a set, they stood cross-legged because the floor was highly polished.  I first started noticing this on HLN, when often a guest would sit next to the anchor and mirror mimic her knotty posture.  It was like they were attempting some sort of couch yoga.

Atonement, God’s Love Key to Faith

The Covid-19 virus has forced the modernization of three of the most populous ancient religions. The extent of the change will be the most evident so far in Judaism, the oldest of the faith groups which trace their origins to the Biblical patriarch Abraham, when the Jewish High Holy Days begin at sundown Friday (Sept. 18).

Even the shofar (a hollowed-out ram’s horn played something like a bugle) will be wearing a mask during the traditional Rosh Hashana (New Year) service in many synagogues usually crowded with among the largest number of worshipers of the year.

23 Towels

Yesterday morning I came out of my office for a second cup of coffee and saw a

miniature tsunami flowing out of the kitchen into the dining room. I had a load in the

washing machine, so I figured it must be coming from there.

“Show Me Your Trash”

World Water Monitoring Day will be celebrated on September 18th.  A local girl by the name of Emma Bolton has started a social media project called “Show Me Your Trash” to take place on September 18th in honor of World Water Monitoring Day.  The purpose of the project is to help clean up the environment and our waterways.   Under normal circumstances she would have loved to put together a live event but due to COVID she needs to think outside the box to obtain participation in this project.

The Wound Part 1

By Jessica Williams
Hernando Sun

At 16 years old, I watched my father be lifted into an ambulance only to see his lifeless, tall body a short time later in a cold hospital room. After they removed the breathing machines, my mother removed his wedding ring from his limp hand. She gave it to me to keep. It would be the last time we would see him and I would never hear his voice or be comforted by his warm hugs again. The next day I returned to school because I desperately wanted to feel normal.

Two years later, I was failing college.

The Time to Open is Now

It’s time for a return to normality in the Sunshine State. 

Beginning this weekend, the Governors of Georgia and South Carolina—based on the most recent scientific data—are re-opening the economies of their States.  Florida should safely follow our neighbor's lead and do the same.