Diminishing the Value of College

As an adolescent, many of us heard the phrase “go to college”. Repeatedly our elders and friends as well as family would constantly state the same expression throughout the years.  The rise of higher education in the United States has demonstrated that the younger generations are taking this advice and achieving their goal of a college degree. Yet, in many blue-collar areas and professions, younger generations have determined that university level schooling is not only a waste of time, but they actively criticize those who pursue it.

Eight Lives Gone

My wife’s male cat was fixed before he fully entered puberty, so I don’t know why he suffers from wanderlust, but he does, and he hunts the house looking for trouble.  Oh, he pursues the usual stupid cat thing of leaping up on tables and shelves and knocking pictures and knickknacks over and onto the floor while rubbing his scent against them.  But lately he’s been onerously adventurous. 

Items of the Fourth Estate

Item:  My grandson, Rex, stopped by with all his gear after baseball the other day and we played Wicket Pong, previously known as Cricket Ping Pong.  After he beat me two owls to two thimbles, basically 8-2 in ten twelve-tile games, I found something on the table that I thought was an elbow guard.  I asked him about it, wondering aloud as I fitted it to the bend of my arm if he had two of them.  As a catcher he had lately been hit on the arm by ball and bat, and I had suggested he get some extra protection.  He informed me he only had one, and that the thing was his cup.  I washed my hands,

Sayer of the Shows - Part One of Two

Beginning with the year I Dream of Jennie premiered, and for about three years after, when my sister took over the job for a while, I was a walking, talking TV guide.  I had poor grades in math and science, passable grades in most other subjects, and was flunking history, but whenever Dad handed me that thin, stapled magazine I memorized, with one glance through its pages, every show, movie, and special on every channel for the entire week.  Of course, at that time there were only the three networks, ABC, NBC, and CBS.