Budgets, Deficits and Unicorns

The measures we use to understand our government are mostly make believe. A budget is a plan of how you are going to spend money. It should be a best guess as to the amount of money that you will need to spend usually for a year. A deficit is if your budget (expected spending) is larger than your expected revenue. A surplus is if your budget is less than your expected revenue.

Everything I throw away

Now and then an archeology documentary includes a segment about ancient dump sites.  Some are packed with shells and various aquatic remains, while many are full of broken ceramics and bones of domesticated animals.  I wonder, did ancient people have garbage collectors?  Were old chariots bought for cheap by their sanitation department and used to collect weekly refuse?  What about the pre-wheel people?  Yeah, they had to walk to their dumps.

The Hallelujah Bag

For several weeks Senor Cargador and I have thrown free copies of The Hernando Sun onto driveways around the county.  While we might be in one of three cars, I am usually nondescript, while he looks like something God made after watching a Jeff Dunham special.  We throw because it gets us out of our grandpa caves and gives our bones something to do for at least one day a week.  We’ve discovered that bones, especially the ones in our heads, need something more interesting to do than drinking coffee and mowing the lawn.

The hauntings of 'New House'

My wife finally got her way.  We moved. The living room is bigger, but everything else is the same or less.  It’s missing a bedroom. The previous owner, or the one before that, or the one before, or before that, turned the original back patio into a screened and tented lanai, and now that’s my wife’s art room.  Someone poured a smaller patio next to it, around the side of the house, but I can’t sit out there because her dogs endlessly bark at me through the dark, plastic windows.