Time does not slow down for anyone

Growing older is like a train rolling down the track and no matter how many botox injections, vitamins, or hair plugs, we cannot stop the reality of our mortality. There is nothing wrong with trying to look young and we agree that dieting and exercise would surely be a healthy and positive lifestyle but the hourglass only contains so much sand. As the days keep ticking away, we are reminded to not put off until tomorrow what we can do today because we are not sure how many tomorrows we will have. If you want a big juicy steak for heaven's sake go have one.

Tree Dogs

My wife got new furniture the other week, couch, coffee table, and end tables.  I only recently felt comfortable enough to remove my thigh, knee, and shin guards while walking around the furniture she bought three years ago, and now I have to suit up again!  Different dimensions, different corners; it’s like the boobytraps in the third Indiana Jones movie. I might have to put a cable box in my office, complete with DVR, so I never, ever have to go in the living room.  Hey, and maybe a little fridge and tabletop stove.

Knowing The Difference Between Reality And Fantasy

Television has become passé to many youngster people. Preschoolers often have their own tablets, kindles, and electronic games. These devices are changed and updated so often it is almost impossible for most parents to constantly monitor what their child is viewing. Most parents are not that vigilant. In essence many children have the exposure without the guidance to decide on their own the world they want to gravitate towards.

Giving thanks for God’s beautiful earth

Imagine if you were the creator of the earth with all of its breathtaking beauty and gave each living creature the gift of life. For every human, you provided a book of your promises which gives a detailed description of how they are to live. And then, you sent your only son to sacrifice his life and raised him from the dead to redeem the souls of all who would believe. Your invitation to deliver those who would believe from the bondage of sin and welcome them to live with you in heaven forever is beyond words.

The Smell of Clean

As far as I’m concerned, clean doesn’t have a smell.  It is smelless. There is no odor, fragrance, or aroma.  Clean is air without scent. But thanks to TV, my wife thinks clean is the smells of lemon and mainly pine.  The only time I want to smell lemon is when I’m eating one or drinking lemonade. And I never want to smell pine.  And exactly what does “pine” mean? Pinetree? What part of the tree? Do they flower? Is it the cone? The bark? It’s probably the sap.  So who decided pine sap smells clean? Oh yeah, TV.

Full Metal Associate

I don’t wear short pants because my shins look horrible.  They are destroyed.  I started destroying them back when I was eight years old and living at MacDill AFB, where my dad was stationed as part of Strike Command.  At the ends of those tall, apartment-like government quarters we lived in, stood large AC units, and when we military brats discovered them we played there a lot, mainly Zorro.  One day I tried to jump the long space between two units, and while I got my left foot on it, the middle of my right shin hit the corner.  You know the episodes of Family Guy where Peter f

Green pastures and still waters

When we think about living on purpose, it can mean different things to different people. Personally, one of the first aspects that comes to my mind is the desire to not only love God and be thankful for who he is but to also love my life and appreciate who I am. This is not to be confused with being arrogant or satisfied about where I am in my journey, but rather it has everything to do with having peace and contentment in our soul as we allow God to change us into his image.

Too Many Corners

Three years ago I could mow the lawn in peace, with a weekly expectation that it would take me less than two hours to finish. But then my wife started watching gardening shows  Have you seen Victory Garden? Her’s is nothing like that. Have you seen the movie Labyrinth? Yeah, like that.