The challenge to keep families together

I am sure that many of you can remember when life was not so demanding and filled with anxiety or at least it seemed that way. I was raised in the city so when I had a chance to go to my grandparent’s house out in the country it was like going on vacation. They lived on a quiet overgrown road that came to a dead-end at the Kentucky River and their farm was so remote that when an occasional car would pass by we would stop and stare at it like it was entertainment.

Politicians are people too

It is important to remember that politicians are people. They have children and pets. They have worries and hopes. They have faced obstacles and suffered losses.


Too often we gain only a very shallow understanding of who the politicians are. If you know that a politician has lost a child or survived cancer, it makes it easier to see them as a person. Even if you do not agree with them politically you may find that you have a lot in common.


Feng Shui? Therapy or Curse?

She called me at 4 a.m. in tears and babbling on that her new sofa had just been delivered and was 1” too long.


In between her sobs and shrieks of “what am I going to do?” I finally figured out the gorgeous new sofa she had waited for weeks to be delivered was about to annihilate her carefully engineered Feng Shui.

Longtime friend, Cassie, who lives in London, tends to be a bit emotional when things don’t go as planned. She morphed into a Feng Shui fruitcake after meeting an alleged guru on the subject a few years ago.

Letter to the Editor - Grandparental Rights

Thinking back to when you were little you can probably remember the love and fun times with grandma and grandpa. It was a sweet love, wasn't it? Now fast forward to you being all grown up a job, a wife, kids of your own and probably even blessed with your own grandbabies now. Now you are a grandma or grandpa with the love you had when you were just a young one, but now you know family core values and the sense of love and protection for your very own little grandbabies.

Traffic calming strategies we picked up in Italy

While driving in Italy is a stressful and unnerving experience, we have unexpectedly returned with some insight to several possible traffic calming strategies. (Please note that we are referring to traffic calming- not driver calming.) Traffic calming is a pertinent subject in Hernando County and has been discussed by The City of Brooksville for their downtown area and in planning for the Kass Circle redevelopment.  One particular strategy (the roundabout) will be implemented by FDOT within the next couple years.

A closer look at the Great Commission

I love to write (and talk) and all who know me will agree that I am not a man of few words. As a windy minister, it only seems logical that I would be involved in the world of communication. For the last few years I’ve been writing “Living on purpose” and it’s truly been a pleasure. I just want to say that I sincerely appreciate all of you that take the time to read the column and the many thoughtful and encouraging emails that I receive each week. I’ve been writing sermons, articles and music for a long time which eventually branched into a weekly blog.

Creating something valuable takes focus and effort

Many Americans have lived an idyllic life. We have had no war reaching our soil, have a solid economy and have sufficient credit or income to purchase almost any item we want immediately. This is truly a materialistic, instant gratification culture. Most adults like their children, want whatever they desire. This creates a lifestyle that too often places them on the edge of insolvency. These incessant purchasers scramble to maintain their lifestyle of spending.

Goofy Stuff: Speed Watching

My brother, Night Stocker, called the other day, and for once we didn’t talk about Exwork.  Instead we spent forty-five minutes discussing our watching habits of television and movies.  Turns out we’re quite alike. We both speed watch—not to be confused with “speed reading,” which was a huge commercial scam in the eighties, and for a shorter time in the aughts.  (But it wasn’t like Pet Rocks, exactly. Those were knickknacks, and I think there should have been cages for zoo rocks, and little houses for domesticated rocks with rock families.