Letter to the Editor on Mizella Robinson

We have observed the public discourse surrounding the case of Mizella Robinson with increasing unease. A sampling of the more common sentiments expressed on Facebook during Sheriff Al Neinhuis’s press conference in March includes: “If this kid did it to get out of school, she’ll sure be out of school now for a very long time”; “You play, you pay”; “Charge her as an adult and to the fullest extent. #Mizella4Prison”. These are the ragings of an angry mob, not a healthy civic debate.

We are the Caretaker of our Thoughts

I read a book years ago by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale called, “The amazing results of positive thinking” and I recommend it as an inspiration and encouragement to your spiritual life. He explains that our mind is filled with all types of thoughts and persuasions but everyone is held accountable to manage them. We have the ability to resist and ignore the negative influences that hinder our life and to also embrace the suggestions that are positive and encouraging. I remember after studying about this principle, I had an interesting dream.

Trying to make sense of it all

To be honest, I probably spend too much time watching and being saturated with the news. I feel the need to keep up with the latest developments so that I can at least have an awareness about current events. However, many times I find myself being absorbed in an ocean of information that is not only meaningless but is also negatively impacting my mental and emotional state of being, (especially when much of it is not true).

Goofy Stuff: Mona's Brows

by Vince Cardegin

I’m a fan of art. I’ve sculpted clay, burned wood, tooled leather, scraped the back of mirrors, drawn with pencil and ink, painted in oil and acrylic, and tried Sumi-e, which is Japanese painting and really difficult. I even have a couple of my artistic attempts hanging on my walls, oil from twenty-eight years ago and poster-paint from fifty-two years ago. But I am not an artist. However, I do consider myself an art critic, in my own right. I most emphatically demand that a picture of a can soup is boring. Pointillism is pointless.