Click bait article exploits areas with high poverty and drug use

Recently a self categorized ‘infotainment’ article listed Brooksville as the number 2 “white trash” city in Florida and Spring Hill as number 5. The article explains that they examined,

“Cities where there are lots of white people

Cities where residents are poorer than average

Cities where a high number of residents are high school dropouts

High drug use

Higher than average Payday Loan Outlets and Dollar Stores

Violent cities (measured in aggravated assaults)

Cities with a high number of residents on welfare”

We will not give up until Venezuela is Free

By Governor Rick Scott

Just one day following the conclusion of the shameful Constituent Assembly aimed to empower Nicolas Maduro’s regime, the dictator and his gang of thugs have struck again. This time, during a cowardly overnight raid to seize two members of the opposition party, Leopoldo Lopez and Antonio Ledezma.

The world saw the devastating images from Venezuela over the weekend. Maduro’s continued brutalization of the Venezuelan people with violence and a total lack of democracy is atrocious.

Wildlife corridors: Where do they really lead?

Since wildlife corridors aren’t proven to work as intended, and may even harm wildlife, what is the true purpose? Wildlife corridor theory and reserves, are a part of the “Wildlands Project of America” (also global initiatives). In making a long story short, the United Nations sponsors many groups and actions to implement their Agenda for the Twenty-first Century. The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) was formed in 1946 as the primary scientific advisor to the United Nations on environmental issues.

If I were king for a day...

by BRADY L.A. ROGERS, Age 14

If I were king for a day...

My focus would be to help the people of my hometown. First, I would hold a town meeting to find out what was important to the people. Whether it was building new roads or buildings and stores. I’d show them how to lookout for each other-see a need fill a need, by starting funds for the homeless or the sick-important things like that.

People look up to kings. And even though I would only be one for a day, I’d like to show everyone what one person can do, whether you’re a king or not.

Conscious Parenting

The days of “Do as I say, not as I do” parenting are over. Just like everything in life, we must grow and evolve to keep up with the ever changing world. With advances in science, technology, and medicine why should we cling to outdated parenting ideals?