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Dana’s Railroad Supply Hosts Model “Show and Tell”

If you’re a model train enthusiast then you’re probably familiar with Dana’s Railroad Supply located on Deltona Boulevard. But this shop is more than just a haven for people whose passion is collecting model trains, and miniature towns, complete with buildings and trees, and watching these colorful locomotives circle their tracks. It’s also a place where people who enjoy building models can purchase all the supplies necessary to put together an airplane, ship, space vehicle, among other items. 

Get Ready For The Bard Unleashed

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William Shakespeare has been called "not only one of the best playwrights of his time, but of ours too." The 2015 Guardian article Teen Opinion: Why Reading Shakespeare Should Be Fun, states that "His works reveal something about ourselves that other writers don’t show – and that’s why teens shouldn’t dismiss him as 'old'.” 

Ah, but is Shakespeare indeed fun?