Patricia's Boutique: Brooksville's Iconic Dress Shop Gives Back

Downtown Brooksville is graced with a unique boutique. Locals and out of towners alike slow their roll as they pass to admire the massive strip of beautifully dressed display windows that are Patricia’s Boutique. The historical location was built way back in 1912 and first housed a quality shop, flower shop, and upstairs doctors office. The nearly 6000 square foot space is divided into three separate sections, the prom room, bridal suite, and casuals shoppe. Richard and Patricia Lambright purchased the business known as Brenda’s Enchanted Boutique in 1991, changed the name to Patricia’s Boutique and shared the space with Old Towne Flower Shop for years.

When the opportunity to purchase the entire building and expand the scope of their endeavor arose, they did just that. Patricia’s has been among a handful of anchor, retail businesses in the downtown area for the past 24 years. The Brooksville square and adjacent business spaces have seen some challenge for long time establishment, however Patricia’s Boutique is here to stay.

As a very niche endeavor, boutiques of this scale are not found on the average corner. Their client demographic spans from our nature coast to the space coast and includes about fourteen counties in between. Substantial pilgrimage to the area results from the relationships built with customers of Patricia’s Boutique. As with any small business, repeat patronage is crucial to survival and Patricia’s Boutique has gained an extensive following.

Patricia is an advocate for local, downtown businesses and is constantly promoting her neighbors and suggesting her out of town clients check out the local eateries and shops. One unique service offered by the boutique is personal shopping. Patricia along with general manager, Angie Woodruff, attend nation wide fashion markets with client specific objectives in their runway purchases. This service has established a foundation for long time relationships built with customers. Patricia employs a staff of eighteen fashion specialists, including bridal consultants, prom associates and professional seamstresses.

During main events downtown, Patricia’s Boutique hosts a unique event, “Patricia’s Windows Come To Life”, where dancing models take the stage in the iconic display windows. Locals dance along during the show and Patricia is sure to be spotted doing the cha cha slide beside them.

The newly built neighboring property to Patricia’s Boutique is the Brooksville Commons, a space intended to invite a spirit of community to the downtown area. Patricia and Richard were development advocates and financial contributors to the project. Years ago Brooksville’s mural society employed the creative skill of mural artists and the largest canvas is the west wall of Patricia’s. The painting is a depiction of the Brooksville Raid during the Civil War era and boasts Patricia and Richard as the central characters. The inspiration and skilled hand behind the paintbrush was the late Antonio Caparello. A plaque stands in the Brooksville Commons to credit Caparello for his masterpiece on the Richard and Patricia Lambright Building.

The owners of the landmark boutique embrace community and are passionate about making a positive impact in all their pursuits. One example of their passion is their creative, annual Cinderella project. One lucky Hernando County senior, found to possess excellence even in the midst of unfortunate circumstances is chosen by school guidance counselors and teachers to be crowned Cinderella. She receives a royal treatment and is dressed from head to toe for her prom. For the past ten years, Patricia’s Boutique has partnered with the local Junior Service League to present their annual Cinderella with the opportunity to attend her senior prom. “Prom costs a pretty penny and for families who are struggling financially, there is a reality that some students will miss out, we count it a blessing to fill in the gap” said Patricia Lambright, owner of Patricia’s Boutique. The Cinderella’s Prom program exists as a community outreach with a spirit of compassion.

This year Cinderella is Morgan Maraquin, chosen by Hernando High School staff for her overall excellence. She has reached great accomplishments even in times of adversity. She attends advanced placement courses and has earned her certification as a veterinarian technician. When Morgan’s guidance counselor, Carrie Piechowicz, was asked what was exceptional about this student she beamingly responded “She (Morgan) is full of determination, is motivated, gracious, and overall a phenomenal student.” Patricia’s Boutique had Morgan as their guest at the 6000 square foot boutique and told her to choose any dress in the store along with shoes and jewelry, free of charge. “It brings us such joy to honor a great girl with a royal treatment,” said Junior Service League Member, Angie Woodruff.

Although there are no glass slippers, pumpkin coaches or magical fairy godmothers in this story, Cinderella is still made into the “belle of the ball.” When Morgan went for her final fitting, she was close to tears and said to Patricia, “Thank you so much for what you are doing for me, I just want to hug you because I don’t know what else to say.” Positively impacting community should always be a component of business and Patricia’s Boutique certainly embraces that idea. Patricia’s Boutique...iconic landmark, unique retail experience, downtown anchor. On the corner of Main and Broad, this one of a kind Brooksville gem is not to be missed.

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